21 November 2021

12 Days of Christmas - Day 2

I probably should have specified when I started - my days won't necessarily be consistent. I started early because shipping is such an...adventure, but I see no need to rush through either.

I'm perpetually cold. One of my major comforts in life is comfy socks. And the favorite socks I own right now are SmartWool compression socks. I love that they're snug (the compression) and padded in all the right places (targeted cushioning). Looks like I'd wear a M by their size chart. The pair of choice looks like it's available in taupe, charcoal, or gray, and I'd like any of them.

If you've got other warm compression socks you'd recommend, let me know! I see lots of ads for Bombas, and they've got some fun prints - anyone tested them out?

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