20 November 2021

12 Days of Christmas - Day 1

My 12 Days of Christmas are my wish-list, of sorts. I hate being put on the spot when my parents, kids, or husband looks at me and says, "So what do you want for Christmas?" This anxiety, even with our closest loved ones, it part of what leads us to that 'mom' answer: "Oh, I don't need anything but your hugs."

While their hugs are THE best thing, it turns out I don't mind opening useful gifts on Christmas morning either. So I've traditionally listed my '12 Days of Christmas' starting on December 1. But, COVID. Shipping times are rumored to be atrocious, so I'm starting early, in case someone wants to get something from outside our little town.

Please let me know if you've got/want/know something about the goodies on my list - or have an even better suggestion!

Day 1:

Some more Judy Blue jeans! While it appears a lot of styles are out of my size on their official website, I see them available at other sites too.

I got a pair of these jeans with a Stitch Fix box a while back and really like them. They're a size 29, which fits great.

I don't like a huge flair, and I'm tired of rips in my jeans. Yeah, apparently I'm getting older every day. And that's okay.

So, in summary: relaxed or skinny fit, not cropped, not distressed, and straight leg, tapered, or tiny flair. Size 29.

As much as some people prefer leggings for casual wear, I just can't see myself getting on-board. My old school legs love being wrapped in nice denim.

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