18 June 2021

Five Things for Friday

Made it to another Fri-yay! Not quite as good as Fri-pay-yay, but still worth celebrating :D

Lefty's Cheesesteak - Motown Muncher sandwiches
My car is in the body shop this weekend. It's a blessing and a curse. We got a shipt delivery yesterday for some snacks and goodies for the weekend. We still have one more Home Chef meal left (after we made dinner last night) so that will work for Saturday or Sunday. And today is Fri-yay - pizza delivery will be on its way shortly!

  • I got to be a +1 at a great Instagram foodie event a couple days ago. We visited Lefty's Cheesesteak and got to sample their new wings (coming to the menu 6/21) and a wonderful brisket sandwich or wedge fries item. It was fun to get out, and the food was excellent!

I'll probably finish reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks tonight. Wow. I'll probably hold off on publishing my review until after book club next week, but...wow.

Father's Day is this weekend, and I think we got a couple cool gifts for the dad in our house (just stuff to open, really, since he picked out a new week whacker a couple weeks ago), I can't post about it til he opens it. In case he actually reads this. Which is unlikely. But just in case.

There. I posted about something other than books. LOL


Liz Parker said...

You still posted about some books though! Haha. I haven't read the Henrietta Lacks book but I think I watched a documentary or something about her and it was pretty fascinating. Thanks for coming to the event with me!

Rachel said...

I've never been to a Lefty's but they are popping up all over by us. I'm going to have to try it. Happy Summer to you!!!