26 February 2021

Five Things for Friday

Look at me, making a post that isn't a book review. LOL That doesn't mean I won't mention books - let's not get crazy :D

  1. Find me on Twinkl’s Library Lover's Campaign, to take part, visit their Library Lover's Day 2021 blog
    Okay, while my whole post isn't about this adorable infographic, I had to share because I LOVE this cute lil thang! Declan from Library Lovers Day 2021 made it up for me. Lots of other fun peeps and great book recommendations over there too - go visit!
  2. I have re-entered the workforce! I actually started working full time again this month, for the first time since my daughter's due date in 2007. I'm working in consumer support addressing regulatory complaints. It's A LOT of new info to learn, but it really feels right and I'm enjoying it. Anyone who can do their job remotely is at home until at least June 14, so that's a plus for my adjusting - no driving in the snow!
  3. I felt like I had so much to say, but most of my life is working or reading. Hahahaha.... 
  4. Hubs and I had an absolutely delightful date night last weekend. A friend of his has set up the perfect socially-distanced and safe hang-out spot. While it was 7 degrees Fahrenheit outside, we sat with our friends in their yard with a fire pit in the middle of the four of us, and heat lamps (the nice professional restaurant ones) in between each couple. We even enjoyed dinner together - local BBQ carryout on our own individual tv tables. It's been a long time, and the casual socializing with good people was really appreciated. My coat still smells like smoke, but it just brings back the good memory, right?
  5. I am so happy that our daylight time is getting longer again! It's almost getting a little light out as I start working at 7:30am, and I love having it light enough to run an errand or two after work. Can't wait to start bringing my front porch and garden back to life.
Hope all is well for you and yours. Stay healthy and make good choices!


Liz Parker said...

7 degrees Fahrenheit! You are adventurous, lol. I am meeting a friend for outdoor dinner outside today and I'm pretty excited about it, it's been months since I've seen friends in a proper setting (not counting when friends sometimes pick up stuff from me at my doorstep!).

Nicolle said...

It sounds like you had a busy week! Congratulations on entering the workforce again. I am working from home right now too and it has been so nice not having to drive in the snow. Have the best week.

Mom Among Chaos said...

Yay, on your new job. It sounds like a fun time outside. The weather has been amazing.