05 January 2021

This is Not the End - Book Review


This is Not the End by Sidney Bell
Publication date: January 11, 2021
Pages: 216 pages
Genre: Non-traditional relationship; Polyamorous romance
Rating: 3/5 stars ☆☆☆
Strengths: Steamy sex scenes
Weaknesses: Characters felt like stereotypes

Zac and Anya are a unique couple. He's a rockstar, and she's a former model turned photographer. They got married when she got pregnant, but marriage didn't change much about their hedonistic lifestyle. They still like to bring an extra male pick-up to their bedroom from time to time, but it doesn't change who they are and their love for each other.

As a birthday present for Zac, Anya wants to invite his best friend and bandmate, Cal, to their bed. She's sure there's some chemistry there, but Cal isn't one to open himself to personal conversations, so she really doesn't know much about him. She's quickly able to determine that he is attracted to her, but somehow even Zac isn't sure if Cal is bisexual. But when we're reading a polyamorous love story, we can be pretty sure all three of them will end up getting along.

The sex scenes were steamy (or I'm just old and out of practice). But Anya's prowess as a brilliant, ultra-mature communicator felt a little forced. Her biggest role in the store seemed to be facilitating understanding and navigating all secrets and conflicts for Zac and Cal. Oh, and every once in a while we were reminded that they had a child together, so they were a real family.

I can overlook a lot just to enjoy a happy ending. Because 'end' was in the title, I kept expecting the final chapters of the book to not be happy. Without offering too much of a spoiler, I thought the ending of the book, and how the book ended up with its title, just perfect. Overall I'd give this book 3 out of 5 stars and recommend it for those who enjoy reading about non-traditional relationships.

Thank you to Carina Press and Netgalley for my copy of the book. Receiving the book for free did not influence my review. 


Liz Parker said...

The title of this one hooked me ... adding it to my (gigantic) TBR list. Thanks!

Trin Carl said...

Wow a steamy romance for sure. I've read a few of those in my lifetime. Sounds great.