03 January 2021

Goals - 2021

So I tried to do a much more concise job with my 2020 goals, but of course, that was before we knew what 2020 was really going to be. Now? I suspect we're all a little gun-shy. I can't take a lot more disappointment, you know? 

Here we have, my 2021 goal list:
  1. Paint the front door. See, it's dark green right now, and I really feel another color will do better to offset our green holiday wreath. And painting in the winter seems like a bad idea, so I'll need to remember/follow-up with this one in the summer, more or less.
  2. Bake regularly.
  3. Yell less.
  4. Complete a counted cross-stitch project. I've got two to choose from.
  5. Wash my vehicle at least monthly. 
  6. Drink at least four glasses of water daily, on a regular basis.
  7. Set up my previously designated notebook as a recipe book.
  8. Complete at least 40 Yelp reviews.
  9. Feed birds through the winter.
  10. Put hanging flower baskets at front porch for summer.
  11. Continue unpacking office boxes from the basement.
  12. Score for Pearson.
  13. Do family holiday cards. Mail them in November 2020.
  14. Blog regularly.
  15. Walk regularly when it's warm outside.
  16. Read regularly. My Goodreads goal is set at 100 books for this year.
  17. Do the 52 week savings challenge for holiday shopping at the end of the year.
  18. Find something consistent to replace my school jobs. Full-time? Part-time? Who knows - just a new job hopefully remote, so I'm not laid-off or furloughed anymore.
  19. Burn more candles.
  20. Update the kids' bedroom doors (currently still decorated from Valentine's Day, 2014, I think).
  21. Finish re-organizing office with a goal of redecorating and doing more of my usual work in there. 
  22. Keep working a job outside the home.
  23. Do something fun with my hair (cut/color) at least once this year.
  24. Reschedule our Disney trip when it's safe to do so.
  25. Save enough money to have a $1K cushion before our Disney trip.
  26. Appreciate that my life is pretty wonderful with or without these goals accomplished.
  27. Believe in my ability to complete these goals.
Yeah - These are pretty much copied from previous years. It turns out I'm no longer much of a 'goals' person for myself. More of a 'keep the kids alive and happy' kind of person. So I just need to keep breathing and surviving.


LETMEFLY said...

Hi Becki, I don't know what happened, but I was able to access comments today. I really enjoyed your site and I love the book counter and your ambitious list of goals. Two Thumbs Up!!! I do not want to post a lengthy comment, but though I would comment on a couple topics. I try to drink the suggested 8 glasses of water every day. I found the best way to do that is to drink bottled water (1 bottle = 2 glasses). I chug one first thing when I wake up in the morning, at noon and at least one more before dinner.
I also just started feeding the birds in the winter. I have been getting my seed at Meijer (they usually have a sale) unless you know somewhere cheaper?
Have you thought about tutoring? Under the table $$?
I really enjoy your site. It is refreshing and encouraging.
All the Best, Mike

Becki said...

Hey Mike! I always have a better chance of drinking lots of water when I work at my desk - when my day is unplanned with the kids, it's hard to add random structure. LOL I always get the big bags of bird seed at Meijer when I get groceries (convenience is king!). I'll probably look to financial services againn, where I have the most experience. Most of Michigan is working from home currently, so it should help the transition. Thanks for visiting!