04 December 2020

12 Days of Christmas - Day 4


Ostrich Planters!!

I usually try and give a direct link to make shopping easy, but there are so many of these adorable ostrich planters available! Google it - maybe they're available local to you (cuz I'd imagine shipping to be a challenge!).

I think the first ad I saw was with the picture on the right, but it just showed succulents. I wanted to share the other picture (even though they're a little harder to see) because it shows them with plants more similar to those I put out in our yard each spring. 

Hopefully there's some excellent trick to keep them  from face planting. The ostriches are so gorgeous, and I also like that they'll give a whole new 'level' to my gardening - between my hanging baskets and my stuff planted in the ground.


Liz Parker said...

Ostrich planters?? Super cute. And different! Did you give these as a gift to someone?

Becki said...

Nope - I've never seen them in person. But I do more with my flowers outside the front door in summer. When I was fixing that up, I'm sure Google was listening ;)

Rebecca Jo said...

These are hilarious.. & awesome!!!

siteseer said...

Those are so cute!!!