13 November 2020

Five Things for Friday

Well, there have been positive COVID test results reported in our school district every day in November except one. Yesterday, there were SEVEN positive results from four different buildings, one of which only opened to students this week. I don't feel safe, honestly. I think I went from staying home with the kids to doing two school jobs, and may have never updated here. 

I am a crossing guard at one of the middle schools (all outside, and just started back this week), and I serve lunch at one of the elementary schools (with one quarantined classroom currently). While I think my student contact is pretty minimal (less than a minute with each kid who has ordered a lunch, and we're both masked), it still just feels like bad odds overall. A lot of districts around us have gone back to full remote, and I hope our district does too. I did opt to keep my kids virtual, so they are at home all the time.

Anyway, can something this year NOT be about COVID please? On with my Friday Five!

  1. I am so excited to watch Netflix's new holiday movie Jingle Jangle tonight!! Friday is always pizza-and-a-movie night around here. Usually we get Hungry Howie's, with wings for Maggie and I. Tonight Jack asked for Jet's. We'll skip the wings because we like Howie's the best.
  2. Today was a perfect day to have something I'm excited for. The director of my department came into our kitchen today and rearranged all the prep tables. She insisted she wasn't micro-managing, but I've worked in that kitchen successfully for almost four years with things where they were. She insisted it didn't make sense how it was, so she 'fixed' it. Thanks?
  3. We've decided to have Thanksgiving at home with just the four of us. I asked the kids for their suggestions. Jack wants turkey, or chicken. Maggie wants us all to dress either in a theme, or dress up. She also requested mac and cheese, so I told her to find an awesome looking homemade recipe and we can make it special.
  4. My other fun project for this weekend is starting my holiday wish list! I usually post my own personal '12 days of Christmas' with stuff I want from December 1 - 12. Then I can share the link with people like hubs who may get me gifts at the holidays. I also signed up for a gift exchange through my favorite book-lovers Facebook page. I think partners are assigned for that one on Monday, so this is my big wishing weekend.
  5. What an emotionally trying time! I am nothing short of thrilled with the election results. As an election worker of 30 years, I'm a bit annoyed at the people crying foul. So many people would need to work together to produce fraudulent election results. It ain't a thing. Counting down the days til Biden/Harris take their rightful places as leaders of our great country. And then to temper my joy, COVID. Yes, this post just came full circle.

Hope you and yours are doing well. Maybe we're in a new normal, or maybe things actually evolve all the time without labels. I'll be cozy in my family room, curled up with a relaxing drink and a good book (well, when I'm not at work, anyway!)

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Liz Parker said...

I think I saw a commercial for jingle jangle and it looks pretty cute. I'll have to look it up. Did you see holidate? I liked that one.