28 August 2020

Five Things for Friday / #Friday56 / Book Beginnings on Fridays


Welcome to Friday! I just woke up today, and the storms were awesome through the night. Bonus - I don't need to use my dribbly hose to water my flowers this morning! 

I'm flipping things around today just to keep it interesting :) If you're here for my Five Things for Friday, scroll on down. 

Today I'm joining Rose City Reader for Book Beginnings on Fridays, and Freda's Voice for #Friday56. The book I'm reading right now is When I Was You by Amber Garza. I should have the review up on my blog for this one early next week. 

From the beginning:

"It was a Monday morning in early October when I first heard about you. I was getting out of the shower when the phone rang. After throwing on a robe and cinching it, I ran into my bedroom, snatching my cell off the nightstand."

And from 56% (thanks to Netgalley for my kindle copy of this book):

"Jealousy struck me, hot and fast like a slap to the face. I was also hit with something else -- reality.

You'd been avoiding me all week because I'd been like Rafael. I'd pushed you too hard. I'd tried to box you in. To control you."

I'm personally just at 5% so far. Rafael is the narrator's husband. The woman she's narrating to (so far) is a younger mother with the same name as the narrator. Sounds like it gets a little crazy, so we'll see what happens!

And now, as promised, my Five Things for Friday!

  1. What an unexpectedly productive week for me. I've started writing all the things down in my planner again, which has reminded me of other things I mean to schedule. It's mostly kid stuff, but that's always what keeps me busy, right?
  2. I go back to work on Monday (even though I'm offically laid off as of Sept 15). The department director messaged me yesterday that my building is hosting some sort of meeting on Monday, so we're providing a self-serve breakfast. We need to put out some pastries and juices and such. But, oh year, my building is still super dirty from construction. Not sure WHERE we'll be serving, but it's a few hours of work for me before our mandatory meeting to kick off the year. And then be laid off because the school isn't opening for in-person classes yet.
  3. My son is SO EXCITED to start swim lessons again! He technically starts in September, but I scheduled two of his make-up lessons for tomorrow. We love Aqua Tots! My son quit swim lessons way back when he broke his leg, and since you pay monthly tuition, we had leftover make-up lessons from that whole month.  
  4. My daughter starts voice lessons later today! We have been loving Outschool! Lots of classes - all via Zoom - in a variety of topics. She's taken two musical history classes and already had an intro meeting with her new voice teacher. My son is signed up for a Penny Castanets class next week (the link there is to the real class - he'd love to have more classmates in class next Friday morning with him - and it's just $10!). While I'm sure the instructors may be a bit hit or miss, all of ours have been great so far.
  5. My daughter and I signed up with a local nature center to take a bat walk tomorrow night. I was worried about whether my son would make it through an outside walk til 10pm, but luckily hubs will be able to stay home with him and they can have boy time. My daughter and I will drench ourselves in DEET bug spray and head for the trails to learn about bats - yay!!
Hope your week has felt good for you. Mask up, be safe and healthy, and don't forget to VOTE (November 3, 2020 in the U.S.)!


Liz Parker said...

That books sounds interesting ... I'll add it to my "virtual" pile lol (which, if was a real pile, would probably take up an entire room at this point ...). I'm still reading Midnight Sun. I'm at the office today so hopefully will go next door (to the hotel) and read for a bit during lunch.

Anne@HeadFullofBooks said...

This book sounds pretty creepy, actually. I've seen it on a few lists and wonder if I could read it since I have trouble with thrillers. My book LEAVING TIME

Breana M. said...

When I Was You seems like an interesting story. I've been hearing more about it lately, and I like the quotes. Enjoy your current read!

fredamans said...

Creeptastic! My kind of book! Happy weekend!

Yvonne @ Fiction Books Reviews said...

Hi Becki,

'When I Was You' definitely sounds like one for me and is heading for my list. Actually the premise sounds a little like the book I have just finished reading, 'The Pact' by Dawn Goodwin. That is also about a woman obsessed with other people's babies and young children, but I can't give away any more 'spoilers'!

Our weather has also turned decidedly wet and stormy over the past couple of days, a sure sign that autumn isn't too far away. The holiday weekend is going to be a little drier with some sunshine, but the temperatures are noticeably chilly!

Thanks for sharing and have a relaxing weekend before all the hustle and bustle begins :)

Yvonne xx

Nicolle said...

We are at Goldfish but my boys love swim class! They have improved so much in such a short amount of time. Have a great weekend!

Ashley Sapp said...

I'm so intrigued by this book! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a great weekend! :)

stargazer said...

It sounds like an interesting story, I am sure it gets a little crazy before the end. Also, I hope everything works out for you regarding work, I guess at some point the school will reopen?

Yvonne said...

I really liked this book. Very suspenseful.

Sammie @ The Bookwyrm's Den said...

Second person narrative sounds like an interesting way to write this. The 56% sounds really good, too! Hope you enjoyed this book!