03 January 2020

Random Things for Friday

  1. Yes! Payday! The best way for me to tell that it's actually Friday, when I haven't been in a school building in  days (and still have two more days off!!).
  2. With no snow again (we got a couple inches over break, but it's gone already), I'm getting more nervous to make plans. Like if I do commit to my friend's birthday painting party, it increases the chances of a blizzard. Ugh. Anxiety sucks.
  3. Super excited that our first trash pick-up with the new township-required company went well. This is seriously such HUGE drama in our little town. And starting the new company officially on January 1, 2020, means it was a holiday week and all pick-ups were delayed one day. Seems like a simple announcement, but then they sent out the trucks yesterday anyway to 'test' the runs (that's what a garbage truck driver told one resident)?? If only everyone would do what they say, and say what they'd do...
  4. Now that it's actually 2020, I'm feeling a bit more stressed about paying for our Disney trip. Like, it's THIS YEAR now. Deep breaths and lots of work hours, right?
  5. I'm super enjoying the book I'm reading right now. I got The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman from the library on my kindle. It's the prequel to the book/movie Practical Magic. Practical Magic is one of my favorite movies. I just recently read the term 'magical realism,' and that is totally my jam. Now I want to go research more on the witch trials and stuff. It is fascinating to me.
  6. I'm debating whether I want to take down the Christmas tree ASAP, or wait until January 6. But school goes back on January 6, so it's way more practical to take it down sooner, and I might be using the 12 days of Christmas as an excuse, as I'd really rather the tree just be down and me not have to take it down. LOL
  7. Tonight my daughter is having a friend spend the night, which of course my son feels left out of. But she said he can hang out with them til everyone gets ready to sleep. So we're in for pizza and chick flicks! 
  8. As long as the weather is holding out, maybe the kids and I should take advantage of our zoo annual pass and go visit the animals this weekend.
  9. Did you make any 2020 goals or resolutions? I made a post with some, but I've come to a point where my life is what it is, and I don't see myself trying to change it much. Does that make any sense? I just want to succeed at adulting, take care of my kids and my house, and read books. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's all.
  10. I hope you can look back at 2019 and have good memories and a sense of accomplishment. If nothing else, we made it through, right? Best wishes for you and yours in the new calendar year, even it's an extension of just more of the same. 


Liz Parker said...

Haha, are those corgis in the pic? I love corgis. That's exciting that you are going to Disney World! One of my favorite places, though be prepared for a LOT of walking.

Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer said...

LOL, I feel you on the tree. I am the one who has to take it down, and ugh. I have all the house decorations piled on the dining room table and need to go dig the boxes out for the them. I am hoping maybe tomorrow I will get everything packed up.