27 January 2020

Happy Homemaker Monday - 27 January 2020

I like to try and join in with Diary of a Stay at Home Mom for her Happy Homemaker Monday at least once a month.

The more hours I've been working, the less homemaker-y I've been feeling. Be that as it may, my actual, real-life schedule is to work 10 hours/week, which I maintain makes me a homemaker more than anything else. Luckily we have cleaning people in every other week, or things would be getting a bit unpleasant here. I've worked an average of 18.5 hours/week since school started in September. Yay for paychecks to pay for Disney in March, but boo for my lack of sanity because I'm spread too thin.

::the weather outside is::

Since my biggest goal is avoiding snow, I'll take it. While theoretically hubs would be thrilled for real snow on Saturday (usually a skiing day for him), he'll be out of state driving a racecar this weekend. I'll be at home, hunkering down and keeping warm :)

::right now i am::

Waiting for my rather late lunch to hit my belly. Mondays are the hardest day to work through lunch (I'm a lunch-lady, so it's kind of unavoidable). Once I finish this post, I'll snuggle under a blanket and read til it's time to go get the kids.


I'm just focusing on staying ahead of my to-do list tasks. We've got a lot coming up between now and spring break, and it would drive me crazy to not have it all done, and done well. So FOCUS.

::on my reading pile::

Just finished The Girls with No Names and want to write my 4 star review. Excellent book.
I finished reading that last night, and now started on Hope Rides Again that I've borrowed from the library for my kindle. Super amusing, as expected.
Next will be The Third to Die.

::on my tv::

Hubs and I finished Good Girls (season 2) last weekend. Can't wait for season 3 next month! We're debating trying to catch up on Gotham, but when we sat down where we left off, we were confused. So we may need some time to review first. In other news, my son LOVES The Loud House and the theme song is stuck in my head. Again.

::on the menu this week::

Monday - City Chicken (Jack's favorite)
Tuesday - YOYO (you're on your own)
Wednesday - Tacos
And that's the end of menu planning for the week. When hubs travels, the kids and I just eat whatever, whenever.

::on my to-do list::

  • Write and post review for The Girls with No Names
  • Write intro for Jack's variety show routine (he's reading a spoonerism)
  • Order last of Disney gift cards to pay for trip
  • Finish reading and reviewing Hope Rides Again
  • Laundry & dishes. Always laundry and dishes.

::looking around the house::

I got a fabulous new shelf for the corner of my dining area. It's one of those shelves made to hold the 13" fabric cubes. I put my CD player on the top, and brought some CDs up from basement storage so I can listen to music while I work at the table. It makes me happy.


Jean said...

Sounds as if you have a very exciting and fun trip in your future! My work schedule is varied and there are weeks I don't feel very homemaker-y (great word, I like it :)) at all either. It's a hard balance to strike at times. Hope you have a great week!

carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

Well I hope things calm down for you soon. We're going to Disney in February! Yay!! And I"m curious what "city chicken" is? Hhmmmm
I hope the rest of your week is blessed. xo

Rebecca Knox said...

Your new corner shelf sounds wonderful! Glad you're enjoying it and that it makes you happy! :) Blessings! <3

Jodi said...

I so love this mild winter we are having!! And now I have probably cursed us! I have Good Girls in my netflix to watch. Have a great week!

Rachel said...

Busy girl!! I'm impressed you plan meals ahead and I'm really curious about City Chicken. Maybe I can look it up online.

Becki said...

I'll have to post City Chicken! In a nutshell, I get the 'mock chicken' from the meat counter (they're breaded pork and veal cubes, on a stick). I brown them, then simmer in chicken broth for an hour. Easy-peasy!