17 January 2020

10 Random Things for Friday

F  R  I  D  A  Y

  1. Have I mentioned that I'm ready for spring? Of course I have. I'm cold. I'm always cold. So I'm always ready for spring. Ugh.
  2. And to add insult to injury (or whatever), they're forecasting a big ole blizzard for tomorrow morning. My plans for tomorrow now include staying home, inside, reading (thanks for the idea, Jana & Steph!)
  3. This was the school's second week of five days IN-A-ROW! It's tiring, apparently especially for kindergarteners, who were dropping their full lunch trays left and right! I don't know how many ways I can say, "Hold on with both hands!" before people hear me.
  4. I was all excited to sleep in for three days in a row (with school closed Monday) until I got an email this morning reminding me of the dental appointments I made. For 9am. On Monday.
  5. My husband may have laughed at my other wonderful project idea for this weekend. We have a corner next to our kitchen table where I used to keep my gorgeous aquarium and fish. Now it has a pile of art supplies. Regardless of my plan, the art supplies are moving. But I'd like to get a little table or bookshelf and put a cd player and some of our cds there. We must have several hundred cds downstairs, and I haven't stopped liking the music they play.
  6. Have you seen any good family movies lately? The kids and I like to do 'pizza and a movie' on Fridays. We pick up a pizza at Hungry Howies, and a movie from the nearby Redbox. But it just seems like there haven't been many good family films coming to Redbox lately...
  7. I've finished six books so far this year/month. I was thinking that was pretty good, but last January I finished 11! The month feels almost over - I hope all the hours I'm working don't detract too much from my reading time ;)
  8. Honestly, it's a very un-winter winter here. There was snow in November for what, a week? While I hate feeling cold, I am very relieved to not feel trapped like I do when the roads are slick and snowy.
  9. I am so grateful for my job. And I love the fact that I feel less pressured since I'm only truly committed to working two hours/day, but can always work more to make more money. Which I always do (work more hours, I mean). Knowing it's my choice is kind of empowering and keeps me from complaining (too much?) about all the hours I work.
  10. So tomorrow we ride out the snow, Sunday I have a middle school and an adult battle of the books meetings, and Monday is the dentist and a MLK day ceremony that Maggie's choir group is performing in. What's on your schedule?


Liz Parker said...

Big ole blizzard, lol! Yep. And I love Hungry Howie's - they sent me a free pizza coupon for my birthday so I may go get that today after work, a free medium 1-topping. As for family movies, someone just mentioned "Fighting with my Family" is out now, and I liked that one a lot.

Ali @ Ali's Books said...

Sorry that you can't send the cold and blizzard to Lousiana. I'd gladly take it off your hands. Getting snowed in sounds heavenly to me. LOL! I enjoy spring, too, though, with all its flowers.