10 December 2019

Show Us Your Books

Life According to Steph

Yay! Where has this link-up been all my life?!? Shout out to Rebecca Jo at Knit By God's Hand, where I found Show Us Your Books from Jana Says and Life According to Steph. One of my favorite things about readers, is that however people you talk to, and however much they read, you'll still hear bout new books all. the. time. because there are SO many books!! I remember an old family legend about someone's grandmother who read all the books in her local library. I don't know if that would even be possible now.

Anyway, I'm still planning to do my traditional post listing the seven books I read in November, but for now I'll just touch on my favorite three. Looking at my list, they're VERY different. Huh.

Mama Hissa's Mice by Saud Alsanousi 

While I wasn't nearly as into this book while reading it, thinking back on it has been much more powerful. Banned in Kuwait for four years, this book is about childhood friends and the changes to their neighborhood, their relationships, and their lives through their childhoods around 1985, and then in the current day (around 2020).

I knew nothing about Kuwait or what an average day in the life of someone in Kuwait would be. The author presents both beautifully. Some reviewers say the author's first book was better. I may seek that out at some time.

I read this book to review it for Books I Think You Should Read and gave it 4 out of 5 stars.

The Power by Naomi Alderman

This was another very thought-provoking book, in a very different way. Women have an electric power within them. While some stories are told about the beginning of women having the power, most of the book is written as a history of women having the power, and the author presents the idea of men being in a position of authority as ridiculous. Oddly enough, most of the critical reviews of the book that I've seen were written by men.

I read this on my kindle, on a loan from my local library. I'd give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Christmas from the Heart by Sheila Roberts

This book is about as far from the other two as you could get. LOL I received this one (and three other holiday stories) from NetGalley to feature in an upcoming post.

In this delightful and quick read, Livi runs a local charity which helps give Christmas to some less-privileged residents. Things go about the same every year until Guy, the new financial officer of one of their largest corporate sponsors, says the company he's with will no longer be sending them a donation.

Livi is somewhat distracted from the dilemma when an attractive stranger ends up stranded in her lil town. But what if the stranger and the worst Scrooge she's ever met are one and the same?

I enjoyed reading this on my kindle. I'd give it 3.5 out of 5 stars and would be interested in reading more about this small town and its quaint inhabitants.

So those were my three faves from November. I'll mention the rest shortly, and I'm on my third book for December so far (Dear Evan Hansen on my kindle from the library).


Mackenzie said...

The Power definitely sounds like interesting reading!

NY Foodie Family said...

Christmas From the Heart sounds like a great holiday read. I'm all about the Christmas themed books this month!

Jana @ Jana Says said...

Your review of Mama Hissa's Mice is exactly why I don't get people who refuse to read fiction. There is so much value and exposure to culture and things you don't know.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Welcome to the link up - I love getting new ideas for books to read. Glad you enjoyed these three.


Liz Parker said...

Thanks for the link back! I've been terrible about reading as of late lol...

Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

I have The Power on my list.

Tina TBR Etc said...

Ha! Funny, but not surprising that men seem to be the ones with bad reviews for The Power. I haven't read it, but it was on my list ever since I saw Obama recommend it.

lil desiqua said...

Welcome to the link-up! The Power sounds so intriguing, and I'm with Tina, it's been on my TBR since I saw it as one of Obama's favorites a few years ago. I want to read Dear Evan Hansen too, before seeing it on Broadway. I hope you are enjoying it!