11 December 2019

12 Days of Christmas - Day 11

I love this perfume. There. I've said it.

I got it years ago, and then didn't get it because it's expensive. And then I tried something else. It was $50, and it gave me an instant headache. Obviously because of something in it. But now I don't want to try anything else again.

I want Versace Bright Crystal. I don't wear perfume at all in the kitchen, and that's where I start most of my days, so I imagine I don't go through it as fast as some people would. But I've gone through the bottle I started with, and I'd like some more. Since we're here to talk about things I'd like to receive ;)


Liz Parker said...

I don't usually buy perfumes, but $78, yikes! (is that a normal price, or no? I know Versace is usually pretty pricey as a brand name in general)

I do like the bottle though - very pretty.

Becki said...

I asked for it because I don't want to spend the $78! LOL I tried getting a name that was reputable for less money, but something in the scent made me instantly nauseated. I know I like the scent of this one :)