18 November 2019

Happy Homemaker Monday - 18 November 2019

Happy Monday! I love Mondays for their predictability.  Whether the weekend is good, bad, or somewhere in between, Monday is frequently pretty similar to the Monday before it. I'm used to it, and I like that.

Our weekend was pretty good. While I planned on catching up on some errands and such on Saturday, Maggie and I barely got to the grocery store before we were summoned to join her cousin and his family at Peppa Pig World of Play. And who can pass that up??

So Sunday we got to finally go finish grocery shopping, and I finished reading Mama Hissa's Mice and writing its review so I can start reading another one. LOL

I'm happy to be joining Diary of a Stay at Home Mom for Happy Homemaker Monday today. Check out the linky list on her site for some other great blogs.

::the weather outside is::

Finally a bit warmer! And it looks like we're dodging snow for a little while. It's still Michigan, so I know it'll be back, but I'll take a bit of respite now.

::on the breakfast plate::
Who are we kidding? I don't eat breakfast. I start each morning with a can of Cherry Coke and my meds. Done. Then I take my water bottle into work with me, and do some snacking once I get home. So to sort of answer the question, I've had some Better Made Sweet BBQ chips so far today.

::as I look outside my window::
The snow looks a bit pretty, I guess. I'm glad the ice is finally off the road. The sun is shining  beautifully today!

::right now I am::
Writing up this blog post. I figured since I like to check in on the other blogs that join this linky, I try to participate at least once a month. 

::as I look around the house::
I'll need to flit around for a bit, carrying things from here to there and cleaning up the counters and such. I also need to find my winter holiday smelly decoration to replace the Halloween one. The kids are excited to do some holiday decorating, so I need to clear up some of the clutter first.

::on today's to-do list::
Clearing up the clutter, as I said. I also need to do some laundry, but it will wait til this afternoon after Maggie gets her stuff out of the dryer. Mostly, I plan to read today. I'm happy to be back on a book on my Kindle, so I can curl up with a cat and a cozy blanket while I read.

::on this week's to-do list::
Today and tomorrow are my most free days. Wednesday - Friday I'm serving lunch as a substitute at the school. Not really building up to much right now. I opted out of hosting Thanksgiving next week, so I've just got to make a few pies, and I got the ingredients while grocery shopping yesterday.

::on the menu this week::
Monday: Tacos
Tuesday: Hubby will probably be working his fun job. When he doesn't come home for dinner, we just make whatever. The two kids and I don't eat enough to make a new entree.
Wednesday: The kids have baton practice til 8pm, so we'll probably just wing it again, unless hubby wants to make some pork chops (one of his specialties) to be ready when we get home.
Thursday: Hubby will probably be gone at the fun job again.
Friday: The kids and I love pizza and a movie for Friday nights :)

::currently reading:;
Just started Day Zero by Kelly deVos. I also just got The Power by Naomi Alderman on loan from the library, so I'll need to get into that one pretty quickly here too. 

::on tv this week::
Hubs and I are watching Gotham. Actually, we're re-watching season 3, then watching season 4 and 5 is the plan. We couldn't remember where we left off, and 4 didn't feel familiar from the first episode, so we went back one. Sadly (or not?) I don't remember enough from watching the first time to be bored by re-watching. Huh.

::what I am creating at the moment::
I've still got a counted cross-stitch in process. I enjoy it, but reading is usually easier.

:: new recipe I want to try this week::
Ugh - I'm totally open to suggestions. My family doesn't really like anything I make. LOL 

::favorite photo from the camera::

Here's a picture of my daughter Maggie and one of our cats. It's probably Sparrow (not Wren) because Sparrow likes her much better. That being said, I still don't think they finished reading the whole book. ;)


Jean said...

It's always nice to have a bit of predictability. Peppa Pig World of Play looks like a fun place! Don't think I could interest my teenagers though ;) I'm planning pizza for my Friday night as well. Hope you have an amazing and wonderful week!

threesidesofcrazy said...

Enjoy your respite weather week. It is that time of year where Michigan can bring you just about any weather at a moment's notice - I do miss it, but then again that's easy to say being away from it. Cute picture of your daughter and the cat. Have a GREAT week.

Luludou said...

Funny cat names ! Friday pizza & a movie, fun, fun, fun. Nice picture of your daughter.
Have a great week

Rebecca Jo said...

I love cute candid pics!
Gotham... I've always wanted to see that show! I love anything Batman or comic book related!
You can be like me & have both Christmas AND Halloween up - haha - I'm in a weird transition stage here.

Kathleen Gaza said...

I am also planning on putting out decorations today, after a bit of a de-clutter! It will be nice to get some holiday cheer up. Recipe suggestions huh. My son is super fussy with what he eats so we tend to have the same ten things on rotation lol! Home made shepherd's pies, chicken pies, meatloaf, toad in the hole, spaghetti bolognaise, grilled sausages and vegetables, rice a riso. Nothing fancy, we are on a pretty strict budget, but we eat well. My son adores English food so we also love pasties. If all else fails, tell them you are having If Its for dinner. If it is there you can have it lol! I hope you have a great week.

collettakay said...

You weather looks about like ours. I'm not ashamed to admit that I start my morning with Diet Dr. Pepper and my meds! I do eat something for breakfast though. Have a great week!


Jodi said...

So are you the lunch lady?? And you have to share your cross stitch!! Have a great week!

Carol said...

I need to put my decorations up too, but it will probably get done closer to the weekend. It is hard to do with the grand doll here. I love the picture of your daughter. It looks as though she enjoys reading as well. I certainly do.