15 November 2019

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. Looking for a dreamy fun holiday job? How about watching Hallmark Christmas movies? Yup! Check out the link to apply. Good luck!
  2. Have you seen Toy Story 4 yet? We got it from the Redbox yesterday, and neither me nor the eight-year-old actually sat through it. Glad we got it for free with Redbox points!
  3. Ski season is starting early in our part of Michigan! Hubs is quite happy to have a lesson request for tonight, so he's off to work. Happy spouse, happy house, right?
  4. OMG. Jack got his last birthday gift today. He's been waiting til today to use his last Nintendo game credit and get Pokemon Shield (it just released today). I don't think he'll need anything else from me for days now. LOL
  5. I'll admit the snow is kind of pretty, but I'm already tired of the cold. And the ice takes forever to get off the roads when it's this blasted cold. We're into the 30s again now, but I hear there's another 'polar vortex' scheduled for next week. Ugh.
  6. I'm finally ready to start our holiday shopping. I'm doing the same things for our family as last year. Buying each person something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read. The kids also get one more from Santa. It really helped us focus on not just wasting money to put things under the tree. The kids also get more gifts from relatives. Last year we also added in a water park trip, but this year I'm scraping all our coins together for a trip in March to DisneyWorld. 
  7. I feel like starting school is practically its own season. It is so expensive! Now we're all enrolled and entered in things til at least the end of the calendar year, and ready to refocus our resources. I may even grab a chance to catch my breath in between. Maybe.
  8. With the holidays coming so soon, I'm also getting ready for my traditional 12 Days of Christmas posts, where I list 12 gift ideas for people to get me. Hahahaha.... It's a great idea in theory, but I've found that the people who buy for me don't usually look. Oh well. It is fun to browse and build the list, anyway.
  9. Mom bragging time - my daughter is so excited to be the newest member of her middle school choir's acapella group! The choir director picks seven kids total from the whole school - 6th, 7th, and 8th grade - to form this elite performance group. They'll be doing their first song at the holiday concert in a few weeks. Can't wait to watch them!
  10. Hope your fall is settling down as your winter picks up (at least that's how it feels here!). What's the latest can't miss item for gift giving (or dreaming to get)? I'd love more ideas!

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Liz Parker said...

so I liked toy story 4 but I didn't love it. I actually saw it twice in the theater because my power went out another time and a friend wanted to see it LOL. jealous of your Disney World trip, we were going to do that in January but it was pretty expensive so we're going to do Vegas instead. :-)