13 May 2019

Prepare for My Birthday!

That's right, folks. You have exactly one month til my birthday! Don't worry, it isn't a big one with an '0' or a '5' or anything. And I'm too old for a 'magical' birthday (sorry, people on the Disney chat page say your magical birthday is when your age matches the date, so mine was when I turned 13, which was a long time ago).

Anyway, it's just a regular-ish birthday. But when the kids asked what I wanted for Mother's Day, I had no ideas. And I've started asking what my husband wants for his June birthday, and he's giving me no suggestions. So I've started this post so everyone can know some ideas of what I want for my birthday.

Here goes!

I got my first pair of Tieks about a year ago. I was worried, as I'd never spent so much money on a pair of shoes before, but I love them! I've got a pair of size 9 in Taupe. I think for my second pair, I could go for some Lavender Patents, or maybe the Tangerine Classics, or even Greystone Vegans. I want there to still be some element of surprise, right?

So I tried to find a picture for this next bit of fabulousness, but I found TOO MANY that are TOO CUTE! I would love a tiered plant stand for outside on our deck. And some beautiful flowering plants to fill it. I do several hanging baskets around our front porch, along with a few hummingbird feeders. I would like some pretty plants I can see on my back deck, since I'm more often toward the back of the house (kitchen or dining room table) when I'm working on stuff inside. So go ahead and google 'tiered plant stand' and get me something cool. :D

Along that same line, the kids and I saw some really cool suncatchers the other day. There's a hook wayyyy above my kitchen window, but with a bit of decorative chain, one of those cool dangling solar fairies could sparkle in the sun, and then glow with its solar energy into the night. I can't find a good picture of it right now either, but I think it was at Meijer.

And I keep looking for a picture but can't find a single one that looks like flip-flops I would like. The ones I've been wearing (and they're still quite comfy) are from Fan Flops, and were sold as part of a fundraiser. They have a thick, squishy bottom, and a wide fabric strap on the top. But I'd like something new instead of the fundraiser message across my foot.

Oh! I would also enjoy some more PartyLite candles. I'm running low. Tealights fit in anything, but I also love a good jar candle from PartyLite. It's easy to find a consultant near you, or someone you know who may not live near you, but can still ship anywhere. I like not especially floral scents. So food ones, or just light scents. And I know they may be a bit more expensive than the deal you can get at the dollar store, but that's because they're worth it.

Last but not least, I can always go for some new, fun graphic tees. I always love zombies, sloths, or cool book quotes. Kid-friendly is somewhat preferred (unless you see something I HAVE to have!). Usually a women's size L, or a unisex M.

If all that fails, of course I have an Amazon wish list ;) Or Disney gift cards in preparation for our trip next spring! Honestly, I appreciate the good wishes, gifts are just a bonus. Thanks!


Annsterw said...

Those slipper socks/shoes are great! I will have to check those out! My birthday is three days and I don't need anything! What a wonderful thing to be able to say...I have everything I want and then some! Hugs to you! Have a great day! Annster's Domain

siteseer said...

I love all your ideas. I need more partylite too.