24 May 2019

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. After serving at another school as a substitute lunch lady for two days this week, I've determined I'm out of practice. LOL I'm so tired. But I always need more summer money, right?
  2. It's Annster's birthday this weekend . Go check out her blog and wish her a happy one, eh? Hope it's great, Ann!
  3. The weather finally seems to be warming up! I've left the house without a jacket a couple times this week. Hard to believe it's almost June already though - c'mon summer!
  4. My new purse from Holly Aiken should come next week!! I can't wait! I've carried my first bag from her since January 2018. And it still looks awesome! I'm excited to have a little bit smaller bag to carry on my summer adventures. 
  5. Have you tried the new Orange Coke? I did, more than once even! It's good, but my favorite is still Cherry Coke.
  6. I'm momentarily between test-scoring projects right now, sort of. I've already trained for my next project, but we don't have papers to score til Tuesday. So I suppose thanks for giving me the holiday weekend off? I just try to work as many hours as I can around now, since all my jobs are completely done for summer break. I'm like a squirrel, except I work all winter to relax all summer. Hahaha...
  7. I would LOVE to spend this bonus weekend just chilling out at home, and sleeping in, and watching Dead to Me (all I've seen is the pilot so far). But hubby also wants to work on a friend's race car. So we're going three hours away tomorrow to stay in the friend's guest room and hopefully be able to have dinner with hubs if they take a break? And then we need to come home again Sunday night so Maggie can be in the Memorial Day parade on Monday (I think this is like her 7th Memorial Day parade?!?). After that we'll have everyone who comes out to watch her in the parade over to our house to grill some late lunch.
  8. Maggie and I are planning haircuts for next weekend! :O Maggie has never had her hair 'cut' besides getting it trimmed. She's looking to take it up to shoulder length so it isn't in her way so much, and the ends will be healthy again. I'm planning to go with some layers and bangs for myself. During the school year I have to have it up and covered with a hat or hairnet most of the time, so I've decided a cute style for summer will be fun. Wish us luck!
  9. We are in the process of hiring house cleaners, but apparently so is everyone else! It took almost a month to get an quote, and now we're waiting another couple weeks for the initial deep clean. Then we can get it all spruced up every other week. In the meantime, I have less motivation than ever to make it sparkle - I'm still just keeping it liveable. In my defense, our dishes and laundry are always tip-top! I just don't care enough about vacuuming and dusting, I guess.
  10. Hope you have fabulously fun weekend plans! It always feels a little off to 'celebrate' Memorial Day. My most sincere condolences to those who have lost a loved one in service to our great country.


siteseer said...

Can’t wait to see your hair! And so thankful to all those who sacrificed for my freedom. Also thankful to the families that paid a price as collateral

Liz Parker said...

Dead to Me was really good. I started binging it at night when on a work trip (it was the Chicago 'burbs, nothing else to do lol) and really liked it.

I have always felt the same way about Memorial Day.

Rachel said...

Wow, first haircut!! Hope you'll post a picture. I have not tried orange Coke, but I've been tempted to try the new flavors. Hope you had a nice Memorial Day!