07 June 2019

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Whew - have I said my spring is busy or what?!? As of yesterday, I passed 40 hours of paid work for this week - and I only have a 10 hour/week job! I've subbed an additional three days in kitchens this week, plus one day supervising recess. Add in my test scoring, and the hours are piling up! Finished my two hours for my kitchen shift this morning, and now I need to score for at least four hours. But summer will mean ALL of July and most of August having adventures with the kids (while earning NO money - LOL).
  2. I think several school districts near us end classes today. We've still got all of next week (but Friday is a half-day for all levels). I get to go on a field trip with my daughter's class next Thursday to the Detroit Zoo! Yay! We haven't been since last summer! Still considering whether another annual family pass is something we want for this summer....
  3. Once scoring gets caught up (the whole project is supposed to finish by June 17), I will finish the last book review on my desk, plus read and review the last two books on my pile. Then we need to schedule another visit to my friendly book supplier so I can dive in again :)
  4. Other summer plans (can you tell where my head is?): baton camp for Maggie is the first half week after school is out; we'll pick a day each week to visit the library; another day each week will be written in stone for a beach/playground/indoor play area if necessary; time each day for reading (we all signed up for the library reading program today); Jack has On Your Mark camp in July; Maggie has Young Americans in August; both kids get to go camping with Mimi and Papa later in the summer. Whew! I thought we were laying low this summer, but it sounds busy again to me!
  5. The weather is finally looking nicer. Yay!
  6. Before we even jump into summer, next week has hubby's birthday, MY birthday, and Father's Day. The kids are in charge of opening all incoming Amazon packages so no surprises are ruined. Hahaha...
  7. I'm also excited for a Hello Fresh box this week! We haven't done our fun meal prep boxes for most of the school year! Want a box for just $40? Use my link!
  8. Check back next week - I've GOT to show you my new purse from Holly Aiken. It's adorable, and based on my other one, will last FOREVER!
  9. Which reminds me - I'm also expecting a fun package from Erin Condren (my 2020 planner so I can start on my Disney trip, plus the summer surprise box!), and the Kitty Poo Club (just what it sounds like... I have two kitties, and they poo....).
  10. What are your most exciting summer plans? I know working for the schools leaves me a little biased - this time of year feels more like the 'end' of the year than December does!

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siteseer said...

WOW! You are one busy lady!! I just have me to plan for and with retirement I love trying to do one thing at a time 😉