17 April 2019

Sheec No-Show Socks & Tieks/Rothys GIVEAWAY!!

My wonderful Tieks, without socks.
Just last year, I got my first pair of Tieks ballet flats. I love them, and they're super comfortable! But they're also the most expensive shoes I've ever bought, and I usually wear them without socks, because, ballet flats. But I worry that they'll get stinky and stained way too fast with my naked feet crammed in them on a regular basis.

Sheecs No-Show Socks has the solution for me - they make these Ultra Low-Cut Liner Socks that won't show, even in my Tieks! I'm planning to get a pair soon, so I can extend the life and fresh leather smell of my favorite spring shoes.

Someone on the Tieks fan Facebook page I visit was nice enough to share a wonderful Sheecs promo with us all - check out these great prizes:
  • ONE GRAND PRIZE WINNER: *Total Value - $215* Not only will you receive 4 pairs of the Secret 2.0 ultra low-cut liner socks, you will also be able to get a pair of Tieks or Rothys to wear them with (We will reach out to the winner to find out if you want a Tieks or Rothys Gift Card for $175)  
  • THREE winners will each get a $50 GIft Card to sheecsocks.com
  • FIVE winners will each get a $25 Gift Card to sheecsocks.com
  • ELEVEN winners will each get a $10 Gift Card to sheecsocks.com
I got these great details straight from the giveaway - you can enter here (https://wn.nr/pMRr4B).

Do you have Tieks or Rothys? Or like wearing ballet flats? By the way - Sheecs has regular socks too! Check them out while you're surfing the internet today :)

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Liz Parker said...

I have wide feet so it's hard to fit into flats for me, usually. These look comfortable though!