05 April 2019

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. So, this is it. Friday night of spring break. Fun is done, and I'm trying to make the house look like I spent some time trying to spruce things up while hubby and daughter were on their spring break trip.
  2. Yeah - hubby and daughter are now on their way back from China. They're at the airport in Wuhan now. They'll fly from Wuhan to Shanghai, and then to Chicago. That just means they're back in the U.S. After a four-hour or so layover in Chicago, they come back to Detroit and we pick them up at the airport tomorrow evening. So this evening, while we have dinner and I clean some more, and tonight while we sleep, and tomorrow while we pick up a few groceries, get gas, and clean a bit more, they travel. Ugh.
  3. In between cleaning, I've started two new books this week (after finishing one that is going on my 'best books ever' list). I read a total of six books in March. Mostly requests from the library, this time. What's the best book you've read lately that I should add to my list?
  4. My teeth are starting to get fuzzy. LOL Today was declared PJ day by the seven-year-old. I started out strong, but then put clothes on when a friend was stopping by about our plans for next weekend. But I still didn't do any more personal grooming than removing my raccoon eyes.
  5. I feel like I should blog more, but I also feel like I've lost so much by speaking my mind. It's hard to want to talk, but be afraid to talk. 
  6. So I mentioned at my physical last week that my blood pressure meds make me so tired. The doc asked what I was taking, and said, "Oh, that's not a common side effect with that drug." Great, so I suppose I'll just suck it up and keep sucking down the Coke :)
  7. The rest of this month is CRAZY busy, and poor Maggie starts the roller coaster with jet lag. Next weekend she and I go to New Jersey for baton competition. The weekend after that is Easter, and I have surprise tickets to a show for the two of us. The weekend after that I won tickets for all four of us to go to Daniel Tigers' Neighborhood live show at the Fox Theater. I love seeing anything at the Fox Theater. The weekend after that is the high school musical - The Addams Family. Can't wait for all of it! 
  8. I woke up today not realizing it was Friday. And now, knowing it's essentially the 'end' of spring break, I feel like it's Saturday or Sunday....
  9. Have you tried the new Coke flavors? I usually drink Cherry Coke anyway, but I tried the Orange Vanilla Coke yesterday. Meh. Too orange-y for me. And I usually like orange flavored stuff. I'll stick with my old standby.
  10. I'm so ready for warmer weather! We've had a few nicer days, but no real spring yet. Heck, we had snow at the beginning of the week. That is so not acceptable for me! They're already dragging out a forecast that calls for snow April 15. Nope - hard pass.


Liz Parker said...

Their China trip looked so fun! I have never been to Asia so I'm excited to go to Thailand next month. And congrats on the ticket win. :)

Nancy B said...

Please don't ever be afraid to talk - you pinky swear me you won't.