27 February 2019

Wednesday Medley - National Strawberry Day

Shout out to Terri at Your Friend From Florida for hosting the Wednesday Medley.

Today the questions are inspired by National Strawberry Day!

1. For National Strawberry Day, do you have a favorite strawberry recipe to share? I wish I did! Unfortunately, I'm looking out the window at a few inches of snow here in Michigan, so the only strawberries I was able to enjoy today were the frozen ones from school.

2. Some people think that the smaller, northern varieties are sweeter than the larger berries that grow in the south and in California. What are your thoughts on that? I'm thinking I really don't pay much attention to my food! I would expect most of the strawberries I find are the smaller, northern varieties, and I like them just fine. Short of noticing the origin on the packaging, I'm not sure I'd know the difference.

3. There is a Strawberry Festival in Plant City, FL. It is a huge event that lasts for 11 days with headliner acts each day. Have you ever been to a Strawberry Festival? I don't recall attending a Strawberry Festival, but my family used to travel for a couple weeks every summer. I may have been and not really remember what it was. My hubby makes fun of me for traveling so much when I was younger, and not really remembering the details.

4. Strawberries are grown in every U.S. state. Have you ever grown them in your garden? I have not. I just read another post today that talked about growing them in a hanging basket. Since I don't have a 'real' garden, this may be right up my alley!

5. Strawberries are the only fruit that has seeds on the outside, and technically it is not a berry but rather a fruit. Strawberries belong to the rose family! Do you have any strawberry trivia to share? Eight medium-sized strawberries contain 140% of the U.S. RDA for vitamin C!

6. Tell us something random about your week. This is the first week in which our kitchen (at the local elementary school) will work five full days IN A ROW since January 7 - 11. We've had 11 snow days so far this school year!


Jodi said...

I picked up some strawberries today and will be making some strawberry shortcake! I can't believe how many snow days have occured for all the kiddos this year! Yikes! Have a great day!

Lori said...

I have read about growing strawberries in a hanging basket too! I thought about doing it years ago when I read about it, but I never did.
It was in the 60's yesterday and they are calling for ice tonight and snow over the weekend here in Missouri. Loved your answers! Have a nice week.


Terri D said...

Hi and thanks for joining the Medley today!! Fun answers and the weather is a bit different right now, between Florida and Michigan! I'm getting lots of extra vitamin C these days, enjoying fresh Plant City strawberries!

Stacy said...

I know we've not had the snow you've had, but I think our local school is right behind you on the snow day count...though to be fair, a couple of them here have been FLOOD days!

Allstarme79 said...

That's a lot of snow, to have that many days off!

Annsterw said...

I can not wait to hear how you like growing them in a pot! I chuckled when I read that you don;t remember details about your travel - I am the same way!!! My siblings remember everything and me....NOTHING! HA HA! Glad I am not alone! Annster's Domain

Debby Ray said...

Wow...that is a LOT of snow days already. Since I posted that recipe, I have myself all excited about making a low fat/low sugar version of the Pretzel Salad! :)