08 March 2019

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. I have to say I really like February and March having the same dates on the same days. On Friday, February 8, I wrote '10 Random Things for a Friday.' And here we are on Friday, March 8, writing '10 Random Things for a Friday.' Sometimes I'm easily amused.
  2. We have had so much going on here lately! I feel like things are falling through the cracks and it's making me nervous.
  3. Two weeks ago we adopted two black cats who turned six-months-old on that day. Their names are Wren and Sparrow, and they're sisters. They're also extremely skittish, so I don't have a good picture of them yet...
  4. I had been working an extra shift at work since the beginning of the school year. My extra shift ended last week! The woman I'd been covering for most recently (since mid-October) came back to work on Monday. While I'll miss my co-worker of so long and all the sweet kids I met at that school, I'm glad to have some time back.
  5. My son Jack has been on the couch all day (mostly playing on his iPad) with American Ninja Warrior on the TV. I'm feeling really lazy and out of shape. Why doesn't the inspiration make me DO something?!? LOL
  6. Last weekend, seven-year-old Jack broke his leg skiing. It's pretty much shaped my whole week, and will probably dictate the next month or so too. He broke his tibia, and currently has a cast from his toes to his mid-thigh (which on a small person, is essentially his whole leg). He's doing pretty well on crutches, and there's a wheelchair at school that he can use for longer trips so he doesn't get too tired. Except when he gets too tired anyway and wants to come home.
  7. Maggie and I have a big baton competition tomorrow. She's the only one competing, but I'll be in it for the whole thing too. LOL She got a gorgeous new dress, but it's way too long, so tonight I need to learn how to best use hem tape. Wish me luck!
  8. I still haven't made an appointment to have our taxes done. It just sounds...hard. I'll eventually schedule with the same place we always do, and I don't even have to do extra expense paperwork this year, but I'm dreading waking up early, getting Jack and his cast in and out of the car, talking through the appointment and what paperwork we forgot, waiting for results, and then finding out if our results are as disappointing as I've heard from others. see, even that spectacularly long sentence is exhausting!
  9. My reading has also slowed way down with all this extra stress. I'm admittedly in the middle (almost) of a 500+ page book. It's good, but not action-packed. Must. Keep. Going.
  10. Hopefully this week will be a bit more predictable, calm, and pleasant. I'm so happy and relieved that we're all sleeping better again (the pain from the fresh break disrupted a few nights). This coming week I'm looking forward to payday, and a weekend that isn't planned out yet! What are you looking foward to?

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siteseer said...

I’m looking forward to returning to Michigan 💕