08 February 2019

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Yeah - I suppose you already know how much I don't like the cold. We had two more snow days this week. That brings our school district up to 10 snow days so far this school year (snow meaning snow, or ice, or cold...). 
  2. And yet as cold as it is, I shaved my legs this morning. I know, TMI. But tonight is the Valentine's party at AquaTots, and I'm going swimming with the family. 
  3. Middle school Battle of the Books for 2019 is done! The winning team (which is the same excellent team who won last year) had 49 points. They are all 8th graders, which means they'll be out of the running next year ;). Our team had 30 points, so they finished somewhere in the middle of the pack. The team to beat next year will be this year's third place team - all 6th graders, including the younger brother of one of the 8th graders on the winning team. 
  4. I am still a reading fiend. LOL I read 11 books in January, and so far two more in February. I'm currently a few chapters into A Map of Days, the fourth book in Random Riggs' Miss Pergrine's Home for Peculiar Children series. 
  5. Have you heard what some kindergarten teachers ask kids when they have a tummy ache? If it's above or below their belly button. See, a tummy ache below the belly button frequently means they have to poop. LOL So there's something that's good to know.
  6. We don't have a full week of school for two more weeks -- February 25 - March 1. Next week we have a half day on Friday, then the week after that is mid-winter break (Monday and Tuesday off).
  7. I won a pair of sunglasses from Henry Ford OptimEyes (HFO)! It's the shop I got my glasses and sunglasses from a few weeks ago, and they asked customers to post a picture on their Facebook page with their new glasses on. I did, and I won! :O I'll go pick them out next week - yay!!
  8. I really hope the groundhog was right last week. I heard that we were supposed to have an early spring. Right now, it's bitterly cold, with crazy wind, and no snow other than what's blowing violently across the road. I don't know where it lands, it's just always blowing. Ick.
  9. It looks like our weekend has no special plans! I'm totally all right with that. Hubs will still teach at the ski hill tomorrow, and I think he said he has plans with friends in the garage on Sunday. Which is also fine. I haven't made any dinner plans yet, so I'll need to think about what sounds good and hit the market at some point.
  10. Thanks for checking in! What are you most looking forward to lately? Hope you're staying warm and safe :)


siteseer said...

I’m reading some but not nearly as much as you. Just finished Absolute Power by David Baldacci. A real page turner. Have fun swimming tonight.

We’re mostly motorcycling and trying to stay cool. Wish I could share the warmth.

Oh and Dad worked on a Gold Wing this week and got it running like a top. He took it out on the highway and said it is a big fast bike 🧐

Nancy B said...

I read 8 books in January and on my third for this month. Can't wait to read Map of Days! Is it as good as the others?

GeekDad248 said...

My kids are starting Battle of the Books for their fourth grade class next week. We just got the book assignments today. It will be the first time they are doing this. They just go against teams made up of all the kids in their own grade at school though.