05 February 2019

Lego Movie 2: The Second Part - My Review

I got to see my first 'big screen' movie for 2019 a little earlier than I was planning! Thursday night (yes, after our fourth snow-day in a row...) I was visiting other blogs and entering contests, and was lucky enough to win screening tickets for Lego Movie 2: The Second Part from Finding Sanity in Our Crazy Life. It releases to theaters this Friday, February 8, but the kids and I were lucky enough to enjoy it last Saturday, February 3!

We were already fans of the first Lego Movie, and were happy when the second part pretty much picked up where it left off. Remember when the sister's Duplos said they were there to destroy the rest of the Legos? Well, they did just that. The old Legos we know and love were living a dreary existence in Apocolypseburg, until things went from bad to worse. Invaders from outer space took Lucy, LEGO Batman, Benny, Unikitty, and Metal Beard as captives to go to the Sistar System and be part of a wedding.

Emmett meets the tough Rex and they embark together to save Emmett's friends from Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi. Can they do it? Can Emmett be as tough as Rex? Can things ever go back to when everything was awesome? You'll have to see the movie to really find out!

The kids and I really enjoyed the movie. We'd give it 4 out of 5 stars, and considered it to be as entertaining as the first movies. I look forward to seeing it more times so I can pick up on more of the excellent writing, where they slide in the side comments that the parents get in reference to older cultural icons (like talking about all the actors who have played Batman). I'd recommend this movie to fans of the first movie, and Lego lovers of all ages. 


GeekDad248 said...

My kids really liked the first one but they don't really seem to be that enthused about going to see this one. We'll see if that changes when it comes out or otherwise this may be something we see on DVD. Glad to hear you had a nice outing to the movie theater with your family to see the show. Always nice to get FREE tickets!

One Momma Saving Money said...

My husband took my son and they loved it. My son still sings Everything isn't Awesome from time to time. Love that one of his favorite toys he can see on the big screen!

Liz Parker said...

This looks cute but I probably will skip it or wait until it comes to Blu-ray/streaming. I liked the first Lego movie and also the Batman one, but it's kind of not my thing, lol. Yay for free tix though!