04 January 2019

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. A very un-Friday, Friday, granted. Since school hasn't gone back yet, I'm still a little fuzzy on the whole day-of-the-week concept.
  2. Our family is super-excited for a trip tonight! We're headed to Zehnder's Splash Village for the night. That means waterpark this afternoon AND tomorrow, chicken dinner tonight, and sleeping in a hotel! Woo-hoo!!
  3. I had an expensive morning (on purpose). Our health spending account ends TODAY and we had a lot of money left that was suddenly 'use it or lose it.' Hubby tried to clarify the situation with his employer, and they were not very responsive. I tried contacting the company who administers the account via email, and it bounced back (??). I finally called and confirmed that yes, the money needs to be used by today, and submitted within 90 days, or it's sent back to the employer. So I had a fun morning shopping for glasses with like, NO spending limit. LOL Grateful to the nice person on the phone through the plan, and the nice ladies at the eyeglass place :)
  4. Have you had Zehnder's family-style chicken dinner? I may skip the water park this afternoon to catch up on some reading and be ready to eat, eat, eat!
  5. Speaking of reading - woo-hoo!! I just got nine more books to review, still have 1 1/2 to finish for the middle school battle of the books, and Amazon gave TWO free Kindle books to Prime accounts for January. Having too much to read is a GREAT problem in my life. It's like two Christmas weeks in a row!
  6. We have thankfully already de-Christmased the house. I'm always so excited to get it all up, and then so ready to put it all back away. So confusing.
  7. While I am happy to go back to work next week, I'm getting a little worried about actually getting up on time. I did not hear hubby's alarm for the last three days at all. It's the same alarm that's supposed to wake me up. Hmmm....
  8. We still have not gone through our enormous cookie stash. Next week is unfortunately going to be when I start pitching them. We have our last holiday gathering next Friday, and then I want my kitchen back. 
  9. Sunday when we get back from the water park adventure is going to have to be laundry day. I am not very diligent about the rest of house cleaning/vacuuming/dusting, but my dishes and laundry games are on-point.
  10. What are you happiest about going in to the new year? As I've said before, the year feels newer to me in September, but here I am, trying to remember to write 2019 instead of 2018..... One successful check written so far! Hahaha...


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Enjoy your weekend at the waterpark!

Liz Parker said...

Zehnder's sounds fun! I think I have been but not for a long time. I know I haven't been to Frankenmuth in quite a while.

"What are you happiest about going in to the new year?" --> good question. My health is on the mend (fingers crossed) so I think I am happiest about that. :) and also I am going to NYC next week for my birthday.

Nicolle said...

You guys will have so much fun! We love Splash Village.

Mom Among Chaos said...

I think I'm the only person on the planet that hates Zehnder's. Probably because my mom put it to shame. It just kind of grosses me out. Enjoy your weekend.

Ron Leyba said...

I can so relate at your point number 6. Experiencing the same thing haha!