16 November 2018

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. And just like that, WEEKS have gone by without posting?!?!
  2. I've been super ornery like all this week. I'm a big fan of a positive attitude, but mine just seems to have burned out.
  3. My boy just got a letter in the mail from his old pre-school best friend. This is their second year in different schools. We need another play date over the holiday break.
  4. Does the holiday season feel like it's starting earlier than usual for anyone else? And this year, I'm letting it. I've been playing holiday tunes at work, and even thinking about bringing up some decorations and baking this weekend. Baking would give me something to bring to Thanksgiving next week too....
  5. And on that note, what's your favorite holiday movie? I love Elf, and make the kids watch it over and over (we're actually watching it again now). Jack likes Home Alone.

  6. I'll have a post up shortly with the two whopping books I read in October. It was definitely a slow reading month for me. Now I'm back into another school Battle of the Books (with seven YA books), but took some time out of that for a Margaret Atwood book I hadn't read yet (The Heart Goes Last - I'm about half-way done so far...).
  7. I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle with my body. When my mind is already worn-down, my body doesn't want to push on anymore. My blood pressure med causes drowsiness. Drowsiness? Ha! Let's just call that ongiong exhaustion. During the week it's not quite so obvious that I go to bed when the kids to, but now it's 6:15 on a Friday night and I can't wait to go snuggle under my covers and get some sleep.
  8. Egads - who's full of whines today??
  9. Oh good. Now it's the happy part of Elf. <3
  10. Have you tried the Downy Unstoppables? They're these scent booster things you put in the washer before the clothes, and I keep getting whiffs of them days later. I just bought an even bigger canister of them because I like them. 

Sorry for such a whiny Friday. Hopefully I can pull myself out of it soon!!


Liz Parker said...

I'm glad you're reading The Heart Goes Last! Hopefully you are enjoying it. It does already feel like December / holiday season even though it's only mid-November, I think it's because of the early snow we have been having. :/

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Oh we all need to whine from time to time. No need to apologize. You're human.
I have never seen Elf. I don't like Ferrell so I just never saw it, I think I am the only person on the planet though.
My favorite Thanksgiving movie is Home For the Holidays. (Robt. Downey, holly hunter) Never fails to make me laugh.
My favorite Xmas is Bad Santa. Can you tell I don't have small children? :-)
I LOVE the Unstoppables. So does my husband when he puts on a clean shirt or grabs a clean towel. I know they are bad for the environment and all of that. But I like them a great deal and went to Walmart and bought a HUGE container this last time. :-)