28 June 2018

Books - May 2018

I keep hoping for more time to read! I only finished two books in May, but both of them were reviews I was doing, so I sort of was waiting to post this til after they're both published. The second one was finally released less than a week ago - so here they are:

The first book I finished reading in June was TwoSpells by Mark Morrison. This is his first novel, and it's a great fantasy read! A sibling pair find they have a magical lineage, and need to fight an evil they previously knew nothing about til they went to the place their mother was raised and got to explore a magic library with their grandparents.

Check out my full review here.

The second book I finished is the one we were waiting for. The Man on the Roof by Michael Stephenson just came available on Amazon on June 23. This book definitely kept me guessing. It's about a quiet street where the neighbors all have secrets, and one of them is a killer. I admittedly never try very hard to solve the mysteries I read, but this one had so many dramatic secrets of other neighbors, I don't think most readers will solve it before the big reveal.

You can read my full review here.

I've already read two books for June - we'll see if I can squeeze one more in this weekend! Watch for the post next month


Liz Parker said...

I haven't heard of either of those, will have to check them out. Right now I'm reading Sharp Objects, by Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl author) - do you like her stuff? HBO is making it into a miniseries.

Jenn said...

I haven't heard of these books. They do sound interesting. One of these days I will catch up on my to-read pile. Hopefully over the summer.