29 June 2018

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Yeah - it sure is :D Order from my website today (maybe tomorrow too - while supplies last!) and get some freebies from our summer line. And every order comes with a free sample too! Last time I got some of our Vial lip color samples. PoshBecki.com for the win :)
  2. The kids and I are on our way out in a bit. We're picking up Mimi and heading to a two-day baton competition a few hours away. Jack is most excited about staying in a hotel with a pool. LOL
  3. I've turned into mean mom in just a little longer than a week out of school. I feel like I spend so much time reminding my daughter that she's supposed to be cleaning her room. And my son's curiousity has been getting the best of his good decisions lately... Ugh. Hopefully we snap out of this quickly.
  4. I'm SO EXCITED that StitchFix is starting to do kids next month!! While I've enjoyed the kid boxes they've been getting from KidPik and KidBox, I love some of the pictures I've seen from the people with invites to kid's StitchFix. 
  5. We had a great time at the Detroit Zoo last week, and also went through the Dinosauria exhibit. We're saving experience tickets for one of the movies and the train to use on other visits. AND I was reminded by a friend this week that she wants to join us on a visit soon.
  6. Do you have a Yates Cider Mill near you? Our lousy(ish) weather this week happened to be on Wednesday, which is free donut day at Yates! We went to open swim at Aqua-Tots, and then ate donuts at the cider mill before bringing some donuts and cider home.
  7. July is supposedly our slow month this summer, but I still need to schedule a time with my parents to put shelves in Maggie's room (after she cleans it), a day for another trip to the zoo with our friend, and a day to make cards with my mom and another friend.
  8. August? Fuggedaboudit. We've got a week of baton day camp, a week of Young Americans day camp, a week for camping with Mimi and Papa, and then I'm back to work partway through the last week. Whew!
  9. My AtLast Roses from Proven Winners are FABULOUS! No maintenance, continually blooming, wonderful! I did nothing to prepare them for winter (and then several of my butterfly bushes died :( ), and this spring they just turned green and started blooming again! Best - roses - ever!!
  10. So how is your summer so far? I forget that summer isn't much different for those with a regular job, eh? Here, suddenly, the kids are home, I'm home, and the whole game has changed!

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Liz Parker said...

Summer is indeed not as exciting when you have a regular job :P but I've been traveling more so that's fun. I did a 24-hour stay in Fennville last weekend and we did Grand Haven for a minute too ... Israel a few weeks ago and RI next week, to visit family. Also I LOVE Yates. I haven't gone in a while ... should fix that. :)