09 May 2018

Stop the Ride - I Need to GET OFF!!

What a spring! Sorry I've sort of disappeared on ya'll (both of you? LOL).

Anyway, my schedule (which is mine and the kids, obvs) has been off the hook. I think I mentioned already about test scoring. That was 'just' from home for maybe a month or so? But the company asks for at least 20 hours/week. And they pay more than my kitchen job by a little bit. So I'll make it work, right?
Around the same time, the kitchen people had some staffing issues at another building close to mine, so I filled in a few shifts for them. I like helping out, the co-workers are fun, and I'm saving up money for summer, right?
When all was said and done, I had a few weeks where I think I worked pretty darn close to 40 hours. Between my '10 hours/week' job, subbing in other kitchens, and my test scoring, that is.
Somehow all that sounds less exhausting now that I've written it out.....

But now I can't seem to catch up. Don't get me wrong, even with all that work, I never had less than eight hours/night in my bed, asleep. Everyone knows I turn in to a pumpkin at 10pm (unless I can get away with 9pm...), and get up again at 6am to get ready to serve breakfast.
So why am I so tired???

I honestly don't know, and the next part shouldn't have anything to do with it.

A few weeks ago, I went for my annual lady-appointment, to get a refill on my hormones. Yes, other people call them birth control pills, but for me, I take them to control the side effects of having my period. I LOVE the seasonale pill, which regulates me to four cycles/year. I still tend to get sick and have bad headaches when I finally do have my period, but at only four times a year, it was somewhat bearable. (TMI? Sorry.)

Unfortunately at this appointment, she said my blood pressure was high, so she wouldn't give me any more of my magic pills. What?!?!? Stroke risk. Great.
I went for a blood pressure re-check. Just as high. (Around 150/90, if you're wondering.)
So I had to go to my primary doc to get that taken care of, and got switched on to the 'mini pill.' She told me that a lot of people don't cycle on the mini pill. I, on the other hand, started just a few days later and have had a headache ever since.

I finally got an appointment with a PA in my doctor's office, and they did a work-up yesterday, along with putting me on a high blood pressure pill. And I get to go in next week to find out about my blood tests, etc.

But I'm still tired, probably need different hormones, and am generally pissed off at the world. Because mine and my kids' schedules aren't going to get easier. And I always need a nap.

You're still reading? Thanks, I suppose. Anyway, I really hope to get back to my regular posts soon! I've got a book review to finish up for Books I Think You Should Read, I'm almost done with another book I'm reviewing, I've got TWO Stitch Fix boxes to tell you about, and I think I still have another subscription box for one of the kids that I haven't posted yet.

Believe it or not, in the midst of everything, I miss writing. I hope to have the time and/or energy to get back more regularly soon.

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