23 May 2018

Stitch Fix - Fix #11

First of all, I realize I'm missing a Fix review somewhere. I don't know which one. I just realized that when Stitch Fix sends me a new box, they say "Thanks for letting us style Fix #11 for you. Enjoy." (for example). Which is how I figured out that my blog calls this Fix #10, but my letter says #11. I'm betting on Stitch Fix keeping better records than me, and so I probably just missed one. Sorry.

On to the main event! Since I've gotten the Style Pass this year, I'm scheduling a Fix every month! :O Reviews are getting hard to keep up with (not a bad #firstworldproblem to have).

In this fix, I received two tank tops, a pair of shorts, a pair of skinny jeans, and a cardigan. Don't tell my stylist, but I'm a total sucker for cozy cardigans. This Fix was again styled by Julia, and she did a great job.

First I tried on the Skies Are Blue - Ritta Smocking Detail Blouse (cost $54) with the Lila Ryan - Skinny Jean (cost $98). Remember, if I keep it all, I get a 25% discount on everything.
I did like both pieces, but not for the prices on them. The jeans were a little too skinny and I already have a Kut From the Kloth pair of skinnies that I LOVE. And hubby prefers more fitting tops as he says they're more flattering on me.
So these both went back.

Next up was the Market & Spruce - Ezide Textured Print Top in navy (cost $58) with the Dear John - Josephine Roll Cuff Short in mint (cost $64). I've seen these colors paired a lot so far this year, so it must be a popular-ish thing. I also like them together, which is more important than being popular to me. It's hard to see the detail on this top in the picture, but it's definitely textured, which looks more interesting than just the navy top that appears here. I kept both of these items because they fit me well, were flattering, and will also pair well with a lot of other things I have. I've already worn this outfit again on a regular day (after work clothes, of course).

Last but not least was just adding on the Evolution by Cyrus - Leesa Hooded Cardigan (cost $88). Yeah, on the pricey side for me, but trust me, I get a ton of wear out of cardigans. And the hood was just another plus. This is a super smooth knit that doesn't snag as much as some of my other cardigans (of course I have a collection!). I also like the off-white color. I have a white cardigan that I love, but it's definitely looking dingy over time. Whitening it again works for a little while, but I'm hoping the off-white will stay 'fresh' looking longer.

Overall, this was a very successful Fix. If I had more disposable income for clothes, I totally could have seen keeping the other two items.

If you'd like to give your wardrobe a boost, try StitchFix! Use my referral link to waive your $20 styling fee on your first box! Let me know how it goes :)


Crystal said...

I love the black and mint. Super cute!

Rachel said...

Their stuff is so cute! But a little pricey for me. It's so fun though! Glad you are enjoying it.

Anonymous said...

I love all of these but the cardigan absolutely stole my heart completely