25 May 2018

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. <<--- THIS is all me right now :) It finally feels summery, and I worked my morning shift, filled in for someone else mid-day, and now am trying to get my work-from-home hours in before dinner time! BUT all of my work is essentially done in three more weeks - once school is done, I have no work to go to.
  2. No more full weeks of school left! We have Memorial Day off (obvs) which gives us four days next week, then the following two Fridays are both half-days of school.
  3. I'm so excited to surprise my kids tomorrow! Hubby has to pick up an engine for his dad. The engine is in Cleveland. So while we're there, we're going to check out the Great Lakes Science Center! We also got some audio-books to listen to on the way. The kids know we're taking a road trip, but they don't know about the science center. We're gonna have so much fun!! If you've been there, let me know any tips before we go!
  4. The kids are sitting in the other room and just now voted that we go out for dinner tonight. LOL I told them to take it up with dad. Otherwise, I'm making canned chow mein. Their odds are pretty good, as hubby doesn't like the chow mein any more than they do...
  5. As much as I was grumbling about working today, I expected all test scoring to be done for the year. I am pleased to be on one last project for the next few weeks. More spending money for summer!
  6. I've got several cool posts coming up! A book review for a book coming out in a few weeks, another Stitch Fix box to talk about, and each of the kids are getting a clothing box this weekend! Hubby also said I can sign him up for Stitch Fix, since he needs some more business casual at his new job...
  7. What's your favorite season? While I always really say fall or autumn, I sure do like the warmth of late spring and summer!
  8. Our weekend plans (besides tomorrow's surprise) is pretty much just the local parade on Monday. Maggie will twirl baton again :) I haven't told her we're expecting a high temperature of at least 90 that day. #drinkwater
  9. Hubby's home. We're grabbing dinner on the way to open swim. Big surprise! Hahahaha....
  10. Hope you enjoy a beautiful, long weekend. Thank you to those who have lost loved ones through their service to our great country. We are so grateful for your sacrifice and theirs.


Liz Parker said...

I still need to try Stitch Fix lol. I have no idea what size I am anymore though.

Rachel said...

The count down begins! The best time of the school year! LOL

I wish we would have gone to a parade. Hope it was a fun one. Have a great Memorial day!