15 April 2018

Maggie's kidpik box - March 2018

Well, Maggie gets seasonal boxes from kidpik, but my last post was from June! Looks like I may have missed a winter box in between there....maybe fall too? Huh.

Let's just move on, shall we? Kidpik offers a 30% discount when you buy all in the box, AND you then get a free top in your next box! Unfortunately we won't have that coming next time, as we only kept a few items this time. The prices I give in my descriptions are before the discount.

Of course the first item to keep was our free top! Here she is with the Ruffle Sharkbite top in Plum (the free top) and the Ombre Stripe Legging in Dewberry (price $17.50). Unfortunately, we probably wouldn't have kept the top if it wasn't free. The fabric is a little thinner than she's comfortable with. She likes wearing a camisole with her tops, but of course she doesn't want the outline of the camisole to be obvious through the shirt. Otherwise I really liked the color and fit of this one. The leggings were almost too small (we've updated her info and sizes for next time). She also has a lot of leggings already, so we sent them back since we didn't love them.

The next outfit she tried on was her very favorite in the box, and she's worn the top to school a few times already. I don't know how it all snuck past me, but apparently the 'cold shoulder' tops are as popular for the teen and pre-teen set as they seem to be for women. They kind of missed my radar because I always worry about my bra strap showing. But this isn't about me. Maggie loves the Cold Shoulder French Terry Top in Azure Blue (price $16.50). The Lace Up French Terry Short in Azure Blue (price $12.50) are an identical fabric, but awfully short. They'll be great for baton practice, but I don't want that much of her tushy showing out around town. She's also wearing the Studded Bow Sneaker in Silver (price $29.50). Sorry I sort of cut them off in the picture. While the sparkle was tempting, the style with the giant bow was kind of goofy, so we sent the shoes back as well.

Next she left the shorts on and added the Side Tie Tee in White (price $12.50). This was another one that I thought was versatile, but she just wasn't comfortable in. The fabric was super soft, but thin. I can't blame her, really. I hate when I have to make sure my undergarments are perfectly adjusted for a shirt to look right. I'm the first one to tell her that if something isn't comfortable, get rid of it. Nothing looks good if you're spending all your time adjusting it.

Last but not least was this Think and Be Happy Tee in Light Heather Grey (price $12.50). We both just loved the message on this one! It's shown here with the leggings we sent back from earlier. I think she's worn this shirt a few times as well. Not really remarkable, but comfy and cheerful.

So to summarize, we kept four items (including the free shirt) out of seven total. The shoes were pretty much what made it 'worth it' to pass on the discount and mail a bunch back this time. 

To try kidpik for the girl in your life, use our link for a $15 credit on your first order (we'll get a bonus too!).


Rachel said...

I love the cold shoulder on her. So cute! I also love the one with the saying. Good choices.

Liz Parker said...

They have clothing boxes for kids now too? That's fun. I haven't heard of kidpik but seems like they sent some good stuff.

Jenn said...

I had no idea this was a thing, that you could do a kids clothing box subscription. What a fun idea. She looks great in all of them too.