30 March 2018

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. What a very Saturday sort of Friday! No one in our house has school or work today, and the kids and I are headed into spring break for all of next week!
  2. I used to love having my nails painted. Since I started working in the kitchen at school, it's not allowed. My nails aren't supposed to be longer than the tips of my fingers, and they're always clean and unpolished. But now I have a week off! Hello purple nails :)
  3. Last year, this weekend was spent driving to North Carolina, visiting friends, and hauling back an enclosed racing trailer that hubby bought there. We all had a great time. This year he's working on the same racing trailer, but the kids and I have lots of fun activities planned.
  4. While I'm not a fan of temperatures cooling off...again, I am glad that it makes chili a good dinner for tonight. My son won't touch it, but he'll enjoy the Jiffy cornbread muffins I'll make to accompany the chili.
  5. I'm feeling a little tired, but I'm pretty sure 5pm is a bad time to take a nap. I'll push through, but then hubby will be annoyed when I want to go to bed at 10pm. I guess in my mind, adulthood means I can go to bed when I'm tired, not that I should stay up late every day because I can.
  6. My to-do list for the spring break week off is daunting! The kids and I have dentist appointments, and plan to go to Sea Life Aquarium and Lego Land. Besides that, we get to see my parents since they're returning to their home (instead of being in Florida all winter), and my daughter is having her hair colored by a friend of ours one morning this week. Oh, and there's the option of open swim at Aqua Tots each day - hopefully we'll get there one day this week! For me, I want to get a few more posts up about subscription boxes we've received, our Disney trip from February, and an overview of the books I read in March (will I finish one more this weekend? We'll see!). 
  7. While I'm not too nervous, I am looking forward to finding out how I did on my food safety exam yesterday. The score sheets get mailed away, and scores are posted in about a week.
  8. I'm happy that the sun is shining, but I sure do wish the weather could warm up too! Forty-one degrees is not cutting it for a pretty spring day. Brrrr!!
  9. I think I'd like to start doing counted cross-stitch again. I haven't worked on anything in years, but it was always relaxing and satisfying to make something intricate and pretty.
  10. Hope you enjoy your holiday weekend and get some extra time to do what you love. :)

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Rachel said...

Happy Spring Break to you! I loved for those breaks when I was teaching. Sounds like you’ve got enough planned for the week. Take some time to relax. I hope the weather turns nice for the week. Enjoy your painted nails - the week will fly by and then off goes the polish. :)