16 March 2018

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. What a week! Jack has been fighting a bug (which for him, means sleeping A LOT), we had the Battle of the Books Awards night, and we had sixth-grade orientation. Translation: Plans most nights, and no one wanted to do anything.
  2. I'm in the mood to watch Deadpool again. I love that movie.
  3. Have you tried Strongbow Cherry Blossom Cider? I personally think it tastes more like cherry than cider. I like it. Be warned, I like sweet drinks.
  4. The kids are working on their leprechaun trap. So fun listening to their minds work! We'll see if we catch him this time!
  5. I believe the snow in the forecast for next week, has been canceled! Is there an end to winter in sight? I hope so!
  6. I think I can pay a bill next month with all the coins the kids are putting in the leprechaun trap for 'bait.' LOL
  7. Do leprechauns do anything USEFUL? I mean, what do we do with him after we catch him?
  8. Remember how much I like Cherry Coke? I'm not keeping it at home anymore. Just because I was drinking it automatically. So I'm not saying I'm giving it up, but I'm not keeping cases of it here to drink everyday anymore. It'll definitely mean less caffeine, which should be fine. There is no excuse for me not to sleep enough each day. 
  9. And now they want to know how big a leprechaun is, so they make the hole in the box the ride size for him to slide in and be caught.
  10. Enjoy your St Patrick's Day, and the rest of your weekend :)


Liz Parker said...

I am a Strongbow fan (and a cider fan in general, I hate non-sweet drinks). I am not sure if I've had the Cherry Blossom one though.

Mom Among Chaos said...

I LOVE Cherry Coke. I only allow myself to have it when I go out. I love sweet drinks I will have to try the Cherry Blossom.

Angela said...

Deadpool is hilarious! I always thought it was going to be just a normal superhero movie but I didn't realize it was going to be so funny

Jenn said...

I am soooo glad the forecast no longer includes snow. I was getting a little worried that we were skipping spring all together this year. I hoe everyone in your family is bug free and feeling better.