26 February 2018

Stitch Fix - Fix #8

Last month I got the invite for a Style Pass and I couldn't pass it up! While no one knows the criteria for sure, a Style Pass is a special invite directly from Stitch Fix that lets you pay a $49 fee and get unlimited fixes for a year!
Usually, you pay a $20 styling fee with each box you get. The money still goes toward anything you keep from the box, but I never saw a point in getting a box unless I planned to buy something, so I wouldn't lose my $20. Now? I paid my $49 (and applied it toward items from this first box I got on my Style Pass) and scheduled to get a new box each month. If I keep something, that's fine. If I don't keep anything, I send it back in the postage paid envelope and I'm not out anything. Yay!

For my first box on my Style Pass, I said in my note that my daughter and I were getting ready to attend a baton competition in Orlando, Florida, and visiting Disney World, so I needed casual, comfortable clothing for warmer weather. I don't always wear shorts in summer, and also enjoy skirts and dresses, but casual shoes sometimes stumped me for these outfits. My stylist delivered!

The first couple items I tried on were the Eileen Honeycomb Texture Knit Tank from Pixley (cost $54) with the Dear John - George Cargo Shorts in taupe (cost $58). The knit texture of the shirt was very comfy. While I usually like nay and mint together as colors, this mint on the shoulders seemed a little out of place to me. When I tried on again for hubby to see, it didn't really matter; he didn't like the fit of the tank and said it was 'old-ladyish.' I've got some news for him - no one will be confusing me for a teenager any time soon. Hahaha.... Anyway, I decided to keep the shorts (love them!) and send back this tank. While my husband definitely doesn't tell me what to wear, he does see me pretty regularly, so spending that much on a shirt I know he doesn't really like seems silly.

Next up I left on the shorts, but switched out for the Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee from Mix by 41 Hawthorn (cost $34) and added the SeaVees - Monterey Canvas Lace Up Sneakers in red (cost $68). While the shoes seemed pricey for something more cute than comfortable, I decided to keep them. I did end up wearing them around Disney for one day, but then switched back to my regular tennies that have more arch support and less canvas rubbing spots. I do love their style, though, and will certainly wear them with casual skirts/dresses and shorts this summer. The shirt was similar in style to some I already have, but super soft. I liked the fit and feel of this one, but decided against it to try and keep my spending under control. I figure I'll be buying at least one t-shirt as a souvenir, right?

Last but not least is this unique maxi dress. It's the Nikita 2fer Knit Maxi Dress from 41 Hawthorn (cost $78). I loved the style, but I didn't like the view of my back fat. Haha.. Hubby thought it looked fine, but I would have been uncomfortable. I loved that it completely covered bra straps and was stretchy and comfortable. I'm not sure if going up a size would have made it more flattering - I think that's just a bad peek-a-boo spot for me. So I sent it back.

Overall, keeping two out of five items in a fix wasn't too bad. Remember if I'd kept all five items, I would get 25% off of the total cost. But since this was my first box on my Style Pass, I had already paid $49 toward what I chose to keep.

If you'd like to try Stitch Fix, please use my referral link to get us both some extra credit ;)


siteseer said...

I liked the first top and shorts The dress is cute but for me I’d wonder where I’d wear it. You do not have a fat back! You look good in anything and everything 😘😉

Jenn said...

Very nice. They shorts should be perfect for Disney. They look really comfortable. I am a big fan of Maxi dresses, I really like this one a lot. It looks great on you.