23 February 2018

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Although I only had a three-day week essentially, this is a very needed Friday! Maggie and I were driving back from Florida on Monday and Tuesday (and school was closed for mid-winter break), but I feel like we've crammed five days of schedule into the other three days!
  2. I worked as a substitute in another school kitchen today. It was easier and harder. But the ladies there were nice and friendly, and the kids were polite. I'd do it again if asked, but not too often. My body doesn't really like these long days on my feet...
  3. We had better be done with snow.... the forecast doesn't show any coming in the next ten days, and we're nearly to spring, right?
  4. And in looking at the forecast again, I just realized that the first of March is next Thursday. I've been putting Feb 28 as next Thursday on everything I've done. Whoops.
  5. My fish are luckily little miracles. I got back from Florida Tuesday. As I looked at the tank and stand they're on, I noticed the container of food that was almost gone the Tuesday before was still there. As soon as I started to say something to hubby, he said, "Oh my gosh! I never fed the fish!" All six are still swimming, luckily.
  6. I want to have dinner at home, but I don't want to cook. I'm thinking a big pot of chili and some cornbread sounds yummy. Or, you know, carry-out pizza.
  7. So what's next? I think between regular work and training days, I don't have a week-day off of work til spring break starts March 30. :O
  8. I'm hoping to hear soon about scoring some standardized tests again this spring. It's been a pretty regular thing for me for years. I could use a few extra bucks to entertain the kids and I this summer. 
  9. Now that Maggie and I are back from Twirlmania, I've got to start lining up our spring competitions. 'Our' meaning I sign up and pay, and she twirls. ;) I do love to see her so happy doing something she enjoys and is good at.
  10. Only two weeks til our library's Battle of the Books! I've got to get together some sample questions for our team and get ready for practice in a couple hours.
Have a great weekend!!


Mrs. Weber said...

Girl, I sure hope spring is here too...I'm so ready to not wear socks! LOL. Sounds like you have a lot of fun ahead!

P.S. Carryout pizza is always a win on a Friday night!

Liz Parker said...

What is Battle of the Books? (sounds like a fierce competition!)

It looked like you guys had fun at Disney :) dancing on Main St USA is pretty cool!

DetroitDuchess said...

I'm with you! Bring on spring already!

Suburbia Mom said...

We were in Florida and returned on Wednesday. We really had amazing weather. I am thrilled we are entering into March. Bring on spring!!!

GeekDad248 said...

That is great your fish made it through your vacation. Even when we are home and taking care of them can't seem to keep fish alive at our house.

Rachel said...

So ready for Spring. Glad you've got a job you enjoy :) Also, glad the fish are still alive. That could have been tragic.