06 December 2017

My Holiday Wish List - Day 6

A friend of mine who is local to the artist has been recommending these purses forever. I even got to visit the actual studio/store when we were in town last year.

Holly Aiken bags are mostly vinyl, and super easy to clean and use forever. They say the biggest problem with loving these bags is never actually 'needing' another one since they last so well. I don't know if I've ever had a bag I loved that much, but I'd like to try.

After looking at the site for way too long, I decided I would love to own this Turbo Jr style bag, and the Jade/Orange/Dinosaur color combination is my favorite. It's even orange on the inside! I love a bright inside color on a purse as it makes my stuff so much easier to find.

Have you had a favorite bag or purse that you've carried forever? I find that I just carry what's convenient until I have some reason to change (frequently, needing a backpack for more space).

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Liz Parker said...

That's a pretty purse! I like the colors. And yes, I'm in sore need of a new purse but I love my Fossil bag ... like a lot, lol. It's maybe 3-5 years old? I bought it on Amazon when I had some money from blog posts. It's the first $100+ purse I bought, I think. Definitely fraying at the corners but otherwise I enjoy it.