02 December 2017

My Holiday Wish List - Day 2

In case you've never read my blog before, I'll tell you (as I've stated many, many times) that I'm usually cold. So my wish list usually includes a new hoodie. I like this one because the red color is still dark and would match a lot of my stuff (who am I kidding - I wear my hoodies with jeans), and I could wear it to volunteer at school because it doesn't have profanity like the other hoodie I've seen that references being cold.

I found this one on Amazon, but I'm really not super-picky about it being this very one. I just saw this one and liked it. Probably in a large. Although now that I look, it doesn't seem to have a pouch to carry stuff. In my experience, most of my beloved hoodies have a pouch. I'm sure I could make it work :)

What are some of your stay-warm secrets? I absolutely love and swear by my heated mattress pad. We leave both sides set to hi after we put the kids to bed, then when we finally make it to bed ourselves, the bed is cozy. Lo is actually warm enough for me once I'm sleeping.

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siteseer said...

My stay warm secret is no secret. Head south?