01 December 2017

My Holiday Wish List - Day 1

No philanthropy here :D

This is my 12 days of Christmas - a wish list published for my husband and kids (mostly) and anyone else who wants to buy me gifts for the holidays!

I know, you're all excited now! LOL

For my first item on my list in 2017, I'm kind of going for a combo. I ask for eyeliner nearly every year, but I've come to the realization that I can't see my eyes clearly enough to line them. So if you were already counting on me asking for some of my regular make-up, by all means, feel free to get it for me! But I really want to make sure I am putting it on where I intend it on my face, so I am in need of this make-up mirror. I would LOVE a light-up one, but that seems to add $50 to the price. I'm not sure how much everyone likes me, so I'll be sure and shoot a little lower. Necessary features do include the wall mount. There were some great looking light-up mirrors that like suctioned to an existing mirror, but that would leave me way too far away. My old eyes need a close look if I'm going to avoid looking like Pennywise.

My favorite eyeliner for years has been the Make-up Forever Aqua Eyes. While I tried some fun different shades last year (or the year before?), I really gravitate toward the dark ones. Just how I roll ;) I would like to try wearing more fun lip colors, though, so a clear lip liner would be great to help with feathering, and let me color as far as I can on my narrow lips.

In the meantime, if these are things you use and like, or you have another brand/style/whatever to recommend, I'm not much of a make-up guru, so feel to chime in on the comments! I would appreciate it (and so would the people who have to look at me every day...).


Liz Parker said...

I trust you when it comes to makeup because I don't wear much of it, lol. Just some eyeshadow + mascara. A friend recently was like "but you don't wear makeup" which kind of surprised me ... :/.

siteseer said...

Just mascara here after having my brows microbladed.