17 November 2017

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Why, school district, WHY? We had a half-day yesterday, and then got all caught up in the fun and stayed up too late. Why have a half-day mid-week??
  2. Leftover fried pickles and halloween candy for breakfast - yum!
  3. If you're local to SE Michigan, have you entered to win the Twas the Girls Night Before Christmas tickets yet?
  4. Attended both kids' school conferences this week. So happy and proud that they're not only doing well academically, they're also good friends, kind and helpful. Also super excited to see what happens next with the 'kindness project' in my fifth-grade daughter's class. The homework she had to turn in today was saying five kind things about each and every one of her classmates. She put some real thought into it and I can't wait to find out what's next now that the teacher has lists from everyone.
  5. The kids got to choose between open swim, or pizza and a movie tonight. They chose open  swim, and I told them it will all be a big fat nothing if they don't get their rooms looking a little nicer first. Little do they know, I'll cancel open swim if I have to, but we never would have canceled pizza and a movie. Because pizza.
  6. So is anyone else super excited to see Wonder as soon as they can? I think hubby will want to see it too. Maybe next weekend, once he's home...
  7. Also looking forward to 'Pink Week' with my Perfectly Posh business. The company always has such great specials and surprises in store!!
  8. Total shocker, I'm sure, but I'm cold. Counting the days til spring...
  9. Not a lot of online time today. I started another book I'll be reviewing for a friend. Sort of a dry read so far, but I still plan to have it done before Thanksgiving. So you'll find me snuggled up with the new afghan my mom made for me, a can of cherry coke, and the book.
  10. Oh! I almost forgot - I'm part of another giveaway. Keep an eye out for the new post, coming soon!


Liz Parker said...

1) I need those fried pickles lol. I never would have thought to fry bread & butter pickles. Going back just for those, stat!
2) I saw a screening of Wonder on Wed. (as general, so I didn't do a review, though I may do a 'book vs. movie' post soon) and it was REALLY good. Have you read the book? I just read it recently, and IMO they stayed close to the source material, which was interesting.

Becki said...

I have read the book. We also listened to the audio books for the companion books (they tell the story from other viewpoints...). Can't wait to see it!

Ron Leyba said...

Giveaways after giveaways! Love it. Hope I can join too, soon!

The Non-Housewives said...

That's awesome to hear conferences went well for you :) congrats on raising all star kids! And I'm not sure if I can see Wonder...I may just sob through the whole thing!