01 October 2017

Happy Sixth Birthday to Jack

I didn't feel right closing up my day and going to bed without a special post for my son Jack. He turned six today.

He's the kid who does the right thing, for the right reason. He wore a new dinosaur shirt for the first time last week, and his comment on the way out the door was, "[Particular boy in his class] will LOVE this shirt. Dinosaurs are his favorite!" It made me so happy to be raising a boy who wants to see other people happy. Not for his own gain or benefit, but just because happy is good, right?

His excitement for life is unmatched. He practically vibrated yesterday and today for the parties he had to celebrate his birthday with his friends and family. And his sudden embarrassment when his enthusiasm got the best of him... he yelled, "I love this shit!" in the middle of opening presents with family. The next youngest family member is his ten-year-old sister, and the rest of the room was adults. He said sometimes he just couldn't help it! I said he'd learn to help it if he wanted to keep his behavior chart clean at school and keep playing his video games. He gets it.

Jack is such a snuggle-bum for mom. He tells me all day, unprompted, "I love you," or "I love you more," depending on what's going on. He loves to climb in the big bed and curl up next to me for at least a few minutes before the alarm goes off. When he gives me a big hug, all is right with the world.

He loves to tease us, and tell whoever he's talking to that they're his second-favorite. "I love you, but I love Maggie best." Or he'll tell Maggie, "I love you, but I love Addy best." And the smirk he gives tells you that many people have all his heart.

I think he loves to laugh the best, and his sister is the one who can really get him going. If any shadow of disappointment crosses his face, she is so dedicated to 'turning his frown upside down.' I'm sure life will have its challenges for him, but for now, I love that he's such a happy, smart, funny, loving boy. He has the qualities that will get him far.

And today, he celebrated a wonderful birthday <3

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Kristen K said...

Happiest of Birthdays to Jack Jack!!!