29 September 2017

Stitch Fix - Fix #7

I received my most recent box from Stitch Fix in mid-July. They had offered me a free styling and of course I couldn't pass that up! Apparently the free stylings go to a stylist that initiated it, or something? While my last few fixes have been put together by Kat, this time my note says I was chatting through email (when I said, "Sure! I'd love a free styling!") with Meagan, but then Linzie put the box together for me.

For laughs, I'll tell you now that I think I was grumpy (or feeling broke) when the box came in. Reviewing it again now, I daresay there's more I would have worn if I'd kept it. Hahaha...

This shirt still isn't wowing me though. This is the Maygen Flutter Sleeve Cupro Knit Top from Coin 1804. I liked the feel of the fabric, and the nifty criss-cross detail that my stylist said matches a shirt I had pinned on my Pinterest board. But, I felt the actual shape of the shirt was almost too flowy and ended up not very flattering. I sent it back, and I'm still glad I did. The retail value was $54.

This outfit is what I kept from the fix. I had specifically asked for shorts, and mentioned that I love the fit of the Kut from the Kloth pants I'd received so far. These are the Trent Frayed Hem Shorts from Kut from the Kloth (retail value $68) paired with the Prinsloo Ruffle Neck Blouse from 41Hawthorn (retail value $58). I actually wore these two together the day after my fix was received when we had company over for my daughter's birthday. The style of the blouse brought the cut-off shorts up a notch. It could easily be paired with a skirt or dressier slacks for a totally different outfit. The shorts (according to my husband) are a great fit, with a little edgier styling than most of my old-lady summer clothes. LOL (No, he didn't actually refer to my wardrobe as 'old-lady.')

You may want to make a note of this picture. I usually cut my feet off in pictures, because...feet.
Looking at these Ethan Woven Gladiator Sandals from Report Footwear again, I could actually see myself wearing them. But with a $60 retail pricetag and no arch support, I sent them back. But somehow my feet don't look as icky as I see them in my mind. Go figure.

 And this is the dress I now look at and say, "Huh. Maybe hubby was right and I would have gotten some mileage out of this dress..." When I first tried it on, it felt like it was clinging in all the wrong places. But seeing it on, I guess it wasn't that bad. Too late now! The length and the fit on the Jes Faux Wrap Knit Maxi Dress from Le Lis (retail value $78) were adequate. I suppose the deciding factor was really the lack of occasion for me to wear a dress, and the price tag. We did have a wedding coming up, but I figured I already had a few dresses in my closet that don't get much wear. (I ended up wearing the same dress I wore to my high school reunion - 10 years ago. It was fine.)

Overall, when the time for decisions came, I kept just two items from this box. Looking again now, I'm either more forgiving of how I look, feeling rich, or in the mood to shop. It wouldn't be hard to convince me to keep the other three, but that time has passed.

I'm excited to start getting out some more of my fall and winter clothes from Stitch Fix. They definitely set me up with some nice and cozy outfits last year that will be perfect again as Michigan cools off.

If you'd like to try out your own Stitch Fix box, please use my referral link! And then let me know what you think of your new treasures, and the time and energy you save shopping for clothes at home :)

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Liz Parker said...

Looks like some cute options. I like that dress too!