04 August 2017

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Tonight is Posh Night!! Perfectly Posh is launching our new fall/winter catalog - LOTS of new products!! Watch it on OhMyPosh on Facebook, then shop at my site (http://www.PoshBecki.com) after 9pm MT tonight.
  2. The weather totally tricked me today. I got most of the weeding done, but then it started raining yesterday. And today's forecast also showed lots of rain. So I committed to inside tasks, and now it looks beautiful outside (but I'm not dressed for weeding...)
  3. Hubby and I are trying a new restaurant tonight while the kids are off camping with my parents. Watch my Yelp to see what we think!
  4. Don't tell anyone, but I'm kind of looking forward to school starting again next month so my kids can bring me some new artwork. While the picture of the melting snowman is adorable, it seems somehow out of place at the beginning of August.
  5. My feet are cold (how's THAT for random?).
  6. I keep wanting to watch Heathers since I saw that a stage show is going on next June. In Ohio. But now it's on my mind! I think I still have the DVD...
  7. I just completely got sucked into the trivia notes for Heathers on IMDB.
  8. In case you're paying attention, our aquarium is now at seven fish. We have to neon tetras, two sherpae tetras, and three platys. And a plant. The plant and the platys seem to be helping some of the algae, but I think a sheer curtain on the window will help even more. Darn algae from the sun isn't what an algae eater enjoys, so I'm left with lots of scrubbing til I work out alternatives.
  9. I can't believe I have myself at home alone for this many days and I didn't stock up on more junk food. 
  10. Welp, more book reviews to come next week, along with a new KidPik box review and a new StitchFix box review! Stay tuned :)


Liz Parker said...

I've only seen Heathers once, but I liked it.

What new place are you trying out? :)

Rosalie // rosaliegoes.co said...

This rain though! I need a re-do on summer, I feel like I've been stuck inside with rainclouds for months :/

nadia de leon said...

You got me at "how's that for randmom"! Sometimes it's just relaxing to share random things and free your mind with spontaneous thoughts. Readers get to know the real you through these random thoughts. Thanks for sharing!

Becki said...

Liz - heading to Fork n Pint in Waterford, I think :)