10 January 2017

What You Need NOW

This is just my little service post from snowy, cold Michigan to help you get through this day/week/season. Here are some products that will help.

Heated Mattress Pad - You need this. You really do. I had electric blankets for years, but that is not this. I told hubby last night that I have a secret fantasy. He was happy to listen. I said, "What would happen...if I had the heated mattress pad, AND an electric blanket??" I'm sure I was glowing as I thought about it. I may finally not be cold.
A couple of the best features of our particular heated mattress pad are that it has dual controls (so we can each control our own side of the bed), and that it has a pre-heat feature. I can set it to pre-heat to lava temperature, and then after the specified time, it will go back to low, or wherever I set it, to just keep me at a cozy simmer.

Perfectly Posh - Oh, how dry winter skin craves Posh! Let me count the ways. But seriously, two of my very favorite Posh products for winter are our Honey Honey Hand Creme (which is on the retired/clearance list for just $12!!) and our classic Healer Skin Stick.
Did you know honey actually has healing effects? True story, and research backs it up. I just know it feels wonderful, without leaving my hands greasy. There's also a bigger tube of body creme available.
And speaking of healing, the Healer is a wonderful, portable stick of shea butter you'll want to carry everywhere with you. It can soothe chapped lips, help super dry hands or fingertips, or our latest, help pamper an overblown nose during the inevitable winter cold.

Fuzzy Slippers - I got mine last Christmas, but luckily I was still able to find them for you! There isn't much to make you feel cozy and warm while hiding from the winter like a pair of fuzzy slippers. Personally, I've ALWAYS got slippers on in my house. I don't know how many people have summer slippers and winter slippers, but I'm one. And these are my toasty winter slippers of choice. (See, my summer slippers have to be ready to run outside, so they've got a heftier sole, but not necessarily as much stuffing. Now you know my secrets.)

Favorite Nameless Drink - Yeah. I got all ready to write about this one, but it has no name. LOL Here's the best drink ever for warming your insides on a cold winter evening. I love to have it in a rocks glass while sitting by the fireplace and enjoying a movie with my husband. Preferably while also bundled in a soft blanket.

  • 1 oz Fireball Whiskey
  • 1 oz vanilla (or in this case, whipped cream) vodka
  • 2 oz Rum Chata
I mix those over ice in a rocks glass. If the glass isn't quite full, I may add a splash of milk too. I breathe a little more relaxed just imagining having one later on :)

What's your best way to feel warm, cozy, and comfortable inside while listening to cold winds blow?


Kristen k said...

I'm too hot in bed already. We don't turn down the heat at night with the baby. I hate slippers. I'll trust you in the drinks. Lol.

Christina Strickland said...

All cool stuff! I need the heated mattress pad!

Abigail said...

I LOVE my fuzzy slippers; I'm wearing them right now. :) I also agree with the heated mattress pad. I don't have one of those, but I've just been wearing a sweatshirt to bed. Lol!

Liz Parker said...

A heated mattress pad sounds rather fantastic, lol. We started the day with snow today and ended with a monsoon!

(PS: you should use Amazon affiliate links for these!) :)

Ron Leyba said...

Need that drink right now! Sounds like something that can heat things up!