31 January 2017

Menu Plan Tuesday

Welp, I guess I'm not much for following the rules sometimes.

Welcome to Menu Plan Monday, but on a Tuesday.

Today is payday, and grocery-shopping day, so it is now (by necessity) menu plan day.

Tuesday (Jan 31): Let's start out easy, shall we? Hubby works his other job tonight, so the kids and I eat whatever is handy.

Wednesday (Feb 1): Tacos! Probably chicken tacos. They're a favorite of hubby's and because he likes lettuce on them, they've got to be close to shopping day, so the lettuce is still crispy ;)

Thursday (Feb 2): Happy Groundhog Day!! Maybe the kids and I will go out and celebrate, since hubby works his other job tonight.

Friday (Feb 3): Tonight we're meeting up with friends, and grabbing dinner on the run.

Saturday (Feb 4): Birthday party for a friend of the kids tonight, so hubby and I will probably grab carryout somewhere in lieu of the birthday party pizza. That's how we usually roll.

Are you getting the impression yet that I don't cook much? Apparently that's what works for our family.

Sunday (Feb 5): I'm undertaking another fun task lately - trying to go through all my purchased, direct sales food mixes and such. I've got a GIANT box of stuff from four different companies. The catch is, I purchased it because I sampled something, or they mentioned something that sounded good. But now I have a box of mystery! Hmm....
So, Sunday we're going to try Smoked Bacon Chicken Alfredo. (Actually, most of the reason for this whole post was so I could link this recipe now. LOL). I've got a two-pack of Tastefully Simple's Hickory-Smoked Bacon Sauce Mix, so if this stuff is tasty, we'll have it again. If not, their website is excellent for searching out different recipes using their current and retired products.

Monday (Feb 6): Hubby has been wanting to make his 'Chinese Chicken.' It's a recipe he pretty much made up when we lived in Germany for a few months, nearly a decade ago. This is an exceptionally good night for it, as he usually gets home before the kids and I on Mondays.

Tuesday (Feb 7): Hubby works his other job, so the kids and I will do something simple with what we've got here.

Wednesday (Feb 8): I've found a box of a Lasagna Skillet Meal from Wildtree that I think we'll put together for tonight.

Thursday (Feb 9): Another work night for hubby.

Friday (Feb 10): Tonight is the big daddy/daughter dance! And the boy and I will be going to a fun event at school. So I get we'll either meet up for dinner beforehand, or all just be on our own.

Saturday (Feb 11): Orange Chicken. Except this recipe thinks we should bread our own chicken. Not gonna happen. I buy the Tyson Popcorn Chicken - just heat it up in the oven at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes, then toss it with the sauce - yummo!!

Sunday (Feb 12): One of my favorite comfort meals is actually meatballs and gravy, with mashed potatoes and a vegetable.

Monday (Feb 13): We're all actually home tonight! Everyone enjoys City Chicken, as long as Meijer has them available in the week or so before I want to make them. I'll check the market over the weekend sometime. If not, we can always bake up some kielbasa, with macaroni or shells and cheese.

Tuesday (Feb 14): Happy Valentine's Day!! Hubby's back to work at his part-time job, so the kids and I will make do with whatever's left.

This brings us right up to our next full round of grocery shopping and menu planning :) What are some of your family's favorites? I'm always looking for more ideas!


Mom Among Chaos said...

I go weekly. I need to start cooking differently. I'm pretty much a short order cook.

Ron Leyba said...

It's TACOS DAY yay! Awesome menu plan you have! love it!~