25 January 2017

2016 - Goals Recap

Once again, the time has come to see what I accomplished, vs what I WANTED to accomplish in the last calendar year. I somehow totally forgot about this from years past until I started writing on Monday...

I'll put a line through the ones I actually did complete. Then we can look forward to creating a list for 2017 :)

  1. Establish educational savings accounts for both of my kids. Seriously? Third year on the list. Can we get this done already?
  2. Finish unpacking/cleaning my office.
  3. Start unpacking office storage bins from the basement.
  4. Pay off my credit card debt.
  5. Bake cookies more often.
  6. Start sending birthday cards again.
  7. Sell off my old, wood-mount rubber stamps.
  8. Have a mommy/daughter date at least once a month.
  9. Have a mommy/daddy date at least once a month.
  10. Start doing my 10 Minutes Before Bed journal again. It works. Why do I stop?
  11. Do a cross-stitch project.
  12. Redo master bath shower.
  13. Send at least five random gifts.
  14. Post at least monthly on the Directly Positive blog.
  15. Get new tennis shoes.
  16. Get good sunglasses.
  17. Replace the flooring in the living room/formal dining area.
  18. Repaint the front door.
  19. Wash my vehicle at least once a month.
  20. Paint the living room.
  21. Get a new dining room table.
  22. Attend the fall Day Away with Posh.
  23. Add 10 frontline consultants to my team with Posh.
  24. Redo deck/basement wall.
  25. Stay active with Close To My Heart.
  26. Work on my lettering.
  27. Complete the 2016 PopSugar Reading Challenge
  28. Complete at least 100 Yelp reviews.
  29. Do a weekly face mask :)
  30. Go visit my BFF in Jersey.
  31. Go visit my parents in Florida.
  32. Take an overnight ten-year anniversary trip with hubby.
  33. Put hardwood floors in at least one more room upstairs.
  34. Listen to more music.
  35. Always have a mantra.
  36. Continue offering monthly workshops with CTMH, at least through spring.
  37. Work elections.
  38. Blog regularly.
  39. Do more vendor events with Posh (at least 10 in 2016).
  40. Set up new Erin Condren notebook as recipe book.
  41. Continue watching Gotham, Orange is the New Black, and Gilmore Girls.
  42. Consistently menu-plan.
  43. Purge clothes closet and drawers.
  44. Send thank you cards/postcards for orders placed with Perfectly Posh or Close To My Heart.
  45. Host at least three direct sales parties in my home.
  46. Learn to braid my own hair.
  47. Get fitted for new bras.
  48. Yell less.
  49. Continue to appreciate the fabulous blessings in my life.
  50. Believe in my ability to complete all of these goals :)
Huh. Looks like less than 20 last year?!? I'm not sure if I set crazy goals, or maybe I'm just being more strict for what counts as 'completion.' Luckily, I don't feel any less successful than 2015. ;)  I'll set up a new list for 2017 really soon, and we'll try again!


Jenn said...

This is some list! #20 Paint the living room - is on my list as well. Ours really needs a touch up. As does the kitchen.

Liz Parker said...

That's an ambitious Yelp goal! (100 reviews = a little less than 10 per month?) I'm going to the MOD event in Woodhaven tomorrow if you're going to that, as well as the Andiamo Warren event :).

My goal is to read more, I've been slacking on that lately.

Mom Among Chaos said...

You've already accomplished a ton. You should be proud of yourself!

Rachel said...

You accomplished much more than you didn't!!! That's what counts. Great job!