21 December 2016

Stitch Fix - Fix #5

Thanks to Kat for another great fix! While this was admittedly slightly 'less-favorite' than my last fix, I still kept it all and have loved wearing three pieces in real life so far.

First up was the fabulous Karen Printed Straight Leg Pant from Erica Taylor (regular retail $88). These pants are interesting, and I'm excited to schedule an actual event to wear them to. They aren't really leggings, but are tighter at the top, ending in a straight leg. The pattern is sort of like a red and black houndstooth, but they're textured rather than just printed. They also remind me of my favorite 'old lady' shorts from my fix back in January or February - no zippers or buttons, just pull up.
Here, the pants are paired with the Moana Elbow Patch Pullover by RetroD (regular retail $64). I LOVED the two RetroD sweaters in my last fix and was thrilled to receive another one. This one is a bit looser of a cut/style, and when I wore it the other day I had an annoying issue with it sliding down my shoulder and revealing my bra strap. Ugh. Hopefully I'll get some of the layering turtlenecks on my holiday wish list so I can layer it instead.
The accent necklace in this outfit is the Emilia Oval Pendant from Bay to Baubles (regular retail $28). Jewelry isn't my favorite, but the price point made it a definite keep. It does look really nice with this sweater.

For my second outfit, I'm wearing the Lawler Two Pocket Top by Skies are Blue (regular retail $58). I absolutely love the print and colors on this. It is super flattering with my regular old jeans. This was a first-pick for a scheduled date night last week, but Michigan weather canceled the whole thing for us. I was also a bit dismayed to realize the button at my bustline came undone partway through the day. I hope it was a one-off, and I'm not being reminded why I haven't worn button-down shirts in years. And I hope it doesn't need ironing, because I'd like to wear it often ;)

My final piece in this fix was the Goodwin Cowl Neck Sweater by Fate (regular retail $64). I've paired it here with a new LuLaRoe Cassie skirt I won online from SHOP LuLaRoe with Jeannie and Sarah. The sweater was admittedly my least favorite clothing article from my fix, but then I realized it has pockets! I love pockets! The sweater is a super smooth knit that I'm worried will pick up lots of lint and cat-hair, but I haven't worn it in real life yet. Hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised.

I don't usually get my fixes so close together, but I'm happy with everything I received again. The big holiday contest is what persuaded me to order again so soon - I hope I win some extra Stitch Fix credit!

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siteseer said...

I like the plaid shirt. You look good in anything.

Rachel said...

Love the plaid shirt. Glad you like the clothes you received. I've never tried Stitch Fix, but sounds like fun!

Erin said...

I really like those red pants on you! The plaid shirt is a great piece for this time of year, too.