06 December 2016

12 Days of Christmas - Day Six

Super easy one today! Amazon has this fabulous auto decal that I need for my Durango.

It's only 4x4, so I wish it was larger, but I suppose it'll have to do. I love sloths, and I'm way to worn out by evening to consider partying, so it's pretty darn accurate.

I wish I could see if it's actually black and white, or parts of it are clear. That could be complicated since my vehicle is black, but I'm sure we'll figure out something to make it work.

If only I could make sloths work into my sales team stuff somehow. I don't think the whole lazy thing will work so well with motivation. LOL


Mom Among Chaos said...

Super cute. I love Amazon!

Rachel said...

Ha Ha! I think I need this too!

amberstarr82 said...

Oh gosh, this would be my dream day! LOL. With two little kiddos, sleep is something that doesn't happen much.

Hannah Middleton said...

I need to get this for my husband - haha! He's the king of napping. I'm not a big napper, I prefer to save it for actual bedtime.

siteseer said...

I'm not a fan of stickers on cars but this is cute.