05 December 2016

12 Days of Christmas - Day Five

My fifth holiday wish list item this year is PJs :)

These pictures are all from Old Navy's site. While I'm not exceptionally picky about the color or pattern, I thought the fleece or micro fleece drawstring pants looked comfy (probably in a medium), and I want a simple, long-sleeved top without buttons (probably in a large).

I've been wearing my old PJ pants for so many years that they're starting to disintegrate. And I've had a few favorite sweatshirts I wore with them, but they died this year as well. I'm down to one pair of PJ pants I usually wear with the last standing sweatshirt or the one-piece PJs I got last year for Christmas.

They don't have to be from Old Navy, but this is where I found pictures of some of what I was imagining.


Jenn said...

I LOVE my pj bottoms. I tend to wear them most evenings after work. It's just such a great way to relax at home.

Mom Among Chaos said...

I LIVE in my PJ bottoms. I stick them on ASAP. Mine are starting to fall apart as well. I just bought one new pair but they all need to be replaced.

Jennifer said...

I love Old Navy pajamas! The only bad thing is having to choose with print to get. Just an excuse to get a couple pairs! ;) :)

siteseer said...

Why would you wear them til they disintegrated when they are not that expensive. If you don't get them for Christmas you have permission to just go buy a few pair lol